Your Hairstyle statement

> I've red that opposite idiology's have opposite hairstyles.

(short vs long, bound vs unbound, color, etc.)

> That opposite sex within the same idiology are opposite in the hairstyle-detail they differentiate themselfs by.


Think about this, in different cultures, and their standards.

Remember averagly men grow more hair, also on their heads.

Hair is also used to differentiate between old and young.


***** What are you saying with your hair ? *****

what is your statement made, wich you express with the tools given in your culture?

every confirmation is a denial of its opposite.
Typicals. / Culture-types

Blond : Beaty and wealth

Red : Active and controlling/leding

Brown: Kind Intelligent

Curly: Wild and promiscuous

Long: Feminine hippie jesus

Short: Focused outspoken masculine, (socially controlled or resisting)

worn up: unbound

Worn back: selfdependant

Bald: celibacy

Highlights: unicity


Most Helpful Girl

  • well mine is completely short,what I'm trying to say is ''i like short hair and I don't care if it's not traditional'',but it gets misinterpreted as ''hi,i like tumblr and/or vaginas!''

    • Haha, that's because these statements overlap in their style.

      I grow my hair till shoulder lenght, take the front part and bind it back loosely. I'm a 21yr old guy.

      My statement is the opposite of the short hair male, Sigmond freud would say I state restricted unbound sexuality. I believe I should grow my hair as I am natural, I grow my mustache short and goatie. not to be culturized.

      But culture is inescapable, and so I am interpreted as a lazy hippie, jesus or a girl.

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What Girls Said 3

  • My hair is a little past shoulder length, curly and thick, although it's mid back when straightened. I wear my hair curly 99% of the time.

    I wear my hair down curly because I've come to accept my curly hair and it's healthier when I don't straighten it. It's misinterpreted as...'i'm wild and unkept' I suppose? I think people tend to view those who maintain their curly hair as probably eccentric and into things average people aren't into

  • I'm a shy person and I like to wear my hair up but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I want to dye my hair light brown so I can do auburn, dark blue and purple highlights then back to black when it grows out

  • Feminine hippie Jesus , kind , intelligent, you forgot wavy


What Guys Said 3

  • Nothing really. Mine grows a bit passed my shoulder part way down my back. Keep it in a ponytail so it's out of the way. I'm not gay, or a hippy, or feminine, or even really giving my hair much of any thought. It's simple because I don't need to go in and get it cut, I brush it when I wash it, I don't style it, I don't dye it, it's just there and out of my way. The alternative would be to just go skinhead, but without hair my face looks like someone's big toe. It just stays there and grows.

  • I have a side part and I mess up the sides and back. I guess it means I mean business, but I'm liberal too.

  • I wear mine long, much longer than the majority of guys. I think it says that I'm secure with my own nature and pay little mind to what is expected of me.


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