Should I give her back the money?

My house was getting foreclosed on so I desperately needed a few hundred dollars to pay the mortgage. My aunt offered to help me out by buying a TV I owned. It was worth around $600 and I sold it to her for $300 (the amount I needed). It was practically brand new and had only been used for 2 weeks.

That was over a month ago and now she is calling me saying that the built-in DVD player will not work and that it "ate" one of her dvd's and it won't eject. She hasn't asked me for her money back but she keeps calling complaining about the TV . Should I just give her the money she paid me back? I'm pretty sure her son, who keeps trying to get her to give it to him or his daughter (a 3 year old) broke it...


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  • No you shouldn't

    She needs to grow up and act like it


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