Need three year anniversary gift ideas to make for my boyfriend

Just realized that Wed. is our 3 year anniversary. I want to make him something besides food, which I will probably just make if I can't think of anything to make. But will need something that's fast and that I might already have in the house.

I live with him, so I'm gonna have to make it on Monday when I have off of work.

Any ideas?


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  • think of where y'all1st met, his favorite hobbies an any significant datesy'all shared together.

    • I don't know what you mean.

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    • Yeah but what am I supposed to do with that? Make a gift or something? A date? That will have to be some other time though because we both work till 5pm on Wed.

    • Scrap Book, A Love Letter with a photo of you both, small sentimental things like that. It doesn't take much to please a guy, especially if he has a great heart.

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  • Improvised engagement rings, a bracelet with both of your names entwined by a heart/ any design you can think of, or a pendant with both of your names engraved in it.


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  • A scrap book of memories


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