Are these signs he's not interested anymore?

We really aren't talking much ever since. I understand he might be very busy with school too. We chat only every 6 weeks or so. And, I'm mostly the one who initiates, but he tries to continue the conversation though. And, he's always the one who greets first during occasions like new year and Christmas.

Anyway, we've been on a long distance thing for almost a year now, he's studying in a different country. He always tells me whenever he's back home for his break but never asks me out or even visits me at school. He did visit school one time but never did it again, though still continues to let me know when he's here.

Oh, last time we talked, he said he hopes we could get in touch some more..but he still haven't started any conversation until now. Based on what I said, is he not interested anymore?

He did tell me before that he likes me, even as more than friends but I'm not sure about now.


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  • A s of now, due to the distance between you two, it seems that the bulk of his interest lies abroad. Now that doesn't mean that he's not interested in you. It simply means he's susceptible of wanting a relationship, etc. with someone that he is able to see, interact, and spend time with on a consistent basis. That's not an insult to you. We are designed to want to be close to our partner. It's human nature.

    In the mean time, stay in touch with him until he's back permanently. At that time, he should be better equipped to give you what you want and deserve. Another alternative is communicating your feelings to him if you don't prefer to wait around. Perhaps conveying to him that you are willing to take things slowly because of the understandanding that his time his limited, will prompt him to pursue a relationship with you now.

    Good Luck.


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  • I think he's still interested though he kind of given up hope. If a girl doesn't reciprocate the interest, guys usually get over it quickly and move on.

    If you want to have spark between the two of you, I think it's best if you spend time with him like going out even if it's not a date.

    • But I initiate that not enough of showing interest? And,I would love to do that (going out), the only thing is we're a long distance apart. And I'm afraid of asking him out because I think he doesn't want to meet up me ):

    • Don't be afraid. If you really want to hang out with him, try saying it indirectly.

      Like "I'm going to bla bla bal bal tonight. I heard they will have a blast/promo/surprise celebrity/amazing performance. You don't really want to miss this out. Come with me."

      By spending time with him, it's a big sign that he'll soon get attracted to you.

  • If guy into you he'll go out his way to see you or talk to you. Trust me we gladly go above and beyond. for that special woman.


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