Collecting cologne - a bad thing?

i have over 30 bottles of cologne, with a few of them even costing $150 and up.

i've probably spent over $4000 on this hobby over the past few years, but I manage my money well and I don't go in debt.

it's a hobby to me. I like to smell new colognes and if I like them, I add them to my collection.

btw, I shower every day. I only wear one or 2 sprays (not too much).

i don't do it to attract women or gain attention from women. if I get compliments, that's nice, but that's not the main reason I wear it. I do this because I like it.

is this hobby strange, bad, or a deal breaker?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't see it any different than collecting stamps, guns, knives, or any thing else. I'd say it seems kinda cool having all those shiny bottles and such, not to mention that you're ready for any type of party or get together. :P

    • yeah and my guy friends always get hooked up with free samples :)

    • coolness. :o

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What Girls Said 2

  • ITs OK, everyone likes different things. Its not a deal breaker, women collect perfume too. Personally I like mens cologne, and sometimes wear my bfs cologne :D

  • Yes, I despise guys who smell good.

    • well now that you put it that way... lol

What Guys Said 1

  • It is a waste of money and space.


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