Why do people get emotional during confrontations?

I overheard this girl talking about me with a group pretty much insulting my character calling me rude, etc. and I don't even know her, as in never even said one word to her and I went over there to her and told her I don't have an issue and if she has something to say just tell it straight to me basically. I said it in a calm manner & everything. Next thing I know she starts shouting saying she doesn't have to know me, and basically all this other stuff and saying she doesn't want to talk to me & she's over it like 20 times then proceeded to walk away & "ignore" me.

I didn't even know where they came from. What was the point of her even talking about me & when I try to straight the record straight she wanted to get mad at me? She was trying to talk about me behind my back but when I came to her directly to clear the air the next moment she wanted to try and dismiss me? Huh?


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  • Stupid ass people are all around , what else can you do to them other than laugh at them ?


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  • Oh gosh, I've had the same problem...

    Just keep your head high and ignore her. Simple as that. When she sees that she has no power over you, she'll get BURRRNNNTTT.

    • Oh I am. I'm a victim to no one it was just a peculiar reaction to me.

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