Say something or keep my mouth shut?

I've been hooking up with my coworker for a little less than a month. I'm starting to get strong feelings for him but I have no idea if he actually likes me or if he just wants sex...should I ask him or tell him how I feel or just not say anything? I don't want to mess things up by having "the talk"


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  • If you it want to get somewhere than talk. or enjoy the moment an see where that takes you.


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  • Do you do anything other than work and have sex with him? If not and you don't want to have the "talk" try mixing in a few fun activities so you can see how you interact with one another. This may also give him a chance to like you on another level.

  • If you want a relationship starting out as FWB isn't a great idea...

    • Why not? I know some people who are together now for a while and started out as FWB's...

    • Because the simple idea behind FWB is off-putting for any filters any decent guy would have when looking for a LTR.

      But of course, if he is in love, then he is blinded by logic!

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  • How about you ask him just to hang out? And when he tries to make a move to have sex, just tell him you wanna hang out without sex for once, just enjoy each others' company. See how he reacts and how long he'll stay, if he'll come over again, ... If he doesn't stay very long and comes up with some excuse all of a sudden (after you tell him sex isn't gonna happen), he's just into sex.

    • Why didn't I think of that!

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    • Well I went over his house last night. I even spent the night and he didn't even try to make a move until 5am this morning when I told him no. It was great! Maybe he really does like me!

    • Keep up the good work! But don't feel obligated to say no every time, it's your choice still, and just see what happens :)

  • You should always have the talk. If you want to know you must have "the talk". Because the only thing you can mess up is the sex with "the talk" as in, people who only want sex will run for the hills. You can't keep fooling yourself if you have feelings you must admit that. Even hookup buddies need relationship talks because situations can change, someone might start feeling something more, this is usual.


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