Should I stop trying?

I keep asking my friend if she wants to hang out but she says she is always busy, and then when her and I eventually meet up she says that all she has done for the last few weeks was catching up on her shows.

Should I just take a hint that she doesn't wanna hang with me?


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  • I would take that as a hint and stop hanging out with her. Since "her shows" are evidently more important than seeing you.

    • and whenever we meet up that's literally all she talks about and because I don't watch it I can't really have any input but I still at least pretend to be interested in it, thank you for the tip :)

    • That would be annoying. Good luck with this.

  • Should you stop trying , not really but you could understand that she has a life and other priorities "her shows?" well whatever that may be , other than that telling you that all she was doing was catching up with her shows may mean that she is really busy and has a little free time which she atm prefers to spend watching those shows and relaxing .

    Maybe next time you feel like meeting and she can't you could let her to see one of those shows together or something .

    • thank you :) when her and I meet up she says she has spent everyday that week (when she told me she was busy) watching her shows over and over again

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