What is your karma story?

During new years eve, I helped this man who was very intoxicated, he tried to get off the train but he could barely walk.

Just before the doors would shut him out, I pushed the train doors aside in order to let the man walk out.

Nobody except for me was helping this man but shortly afterward I was done helping him out, I received a lot of compliments from the other passengers for my good deed.

Now I'm curious, guys and girls, what is your karma story? :)

Thanks for any replies!
It can be any type of karma, let it be good or bad.


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  • Something similar happened to me too! I was on the train coming back from another city and it was kinda late. There was a guy on the train who fell asleep. This was the last stop then the train would go back the way it came. Everyone was pointing going "oh that suckkkksss" nobody would wake him up! I gently shook his shoulder and he woke up. He was like OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was my stop! I was happy to have helped him :)

  • BAD: I'm an awesome nice girl that was in a relationship with what turned out to be a total ass hole. after 2 years together and him basically asking what ring I wanted he broke up with me in a text and never told me why. later I found out he cheated on me and got the girl pregnant /: his whole family loves me and have told me this whore is the meanest bitch to him. he still put a ring on her finger since he got her pregnant and will have to deal with her the rest of his life even if he divorces her because of the kid they brought into the world. karma for leaving a good woman, is the bitch you end up with :) and to think I cried over this scumbag haha

  • I was that guy's first love, I treated him like sh*t, he doesn't like me anymore and I fell for him and now he's the one treating me like sh*t.


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  • Can it be bad karma? I was in South America on vacay with friends years ago and there were 2 drunk bums sleeping on steps near a bar I was at, I was drunk too and sat between them calling us "tres amigos" and took pictures with them. Next day I woke up on steps in a park in a lot of pain (head and stomach, not butt thank goodness) and was out of commission for a good 24. Was long ago and wrong, I'm nice now, don't hate me.

  • Doing things to expect karma back should be done anonymous and stay that way. Just my opinion. I do believe there is some karma in the world but I think most has to do with positive energy.


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