Is he protecting himself from getting hurt or doesn't really trust me?

okay so me and this guy have been together for almost a year now...and past Friday we went to a party and I got pretty drunk and I ended up making out with some dude that I don't even remember, my boy saw this and got really upset. He kind of said we were done, and then the next day he contacted me and kind of apologized saying he was still mad about it and didn't really wanna talk to me so he tried to avoid it. Now things are a bit better...but he's kind of being distant and saying he doesn't want to be romantically involved but wants to be involved in my life. I sence that he's still hurt and kind of protecting himself...what do you think?


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  • I think you messed up. He obviously thought that you guys had something serious and when you made out with another dude it showed him that you don't feel the same way. He's probably having a lot of trouble letting go of you which is why he is trying to get back into your life. He obviously considers kissing cheating, but he still has feelings for you. He is definitely still hurt. If I were you I would apologize to him and try and show him that you care about your relationship as well. i.e. ask him on some dates. You're going to have to earn his trust back.


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  • Basically you messed up, and logically he should dump you.

    But he cares about you and doesn't want to.

    If he doesn't start to trust you, your relationship will fall apart. You guys need to have a real talk.

  • He was still shocked by what you did and didn't know how to act.


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