He said he realized his mistake and now wants me back? GUYS and GIRLS help me with your advice please!!

my ex of 3 months came back to me saying he realized what he did to me and wants me back...he wasn't a bad guy when he was with me but he had anger issues and he used to yell at me and fight with me and sometimes runaway..so after we broke up I made a fake profile on fb and added him and talked to him from it he told the fake profile stuff that I did not even know about him...he said he sleeps with random girls all the time and he even slept with one when he was with me..and he also drinks almost everyday..anyways so he texted me saying that he yelled at his mom and she got sick and he is worried after few hrs his mom was OK and he told me that he realized what I told him when we were breaking up..i said " you never care for people who loves you and care for you..u always hurt them" and he said that he really thought about it and he was wrong for hurting me and he wants me back in his life and he said that he knew since very beginning that fake profile was me and he was trying to make me jealous by saying all that so I could come back to him...and now he wants me back and he wants to get married with me..i have no idea if he bs me or being true about it..because my gut feeling says that he is manipulating me and I feel like he just had a doubt about the fake profile and he wanted to confirm that it was me or not...coz he was swearing at me on it two weeks ago saying I know who your bitch..i did not forget u..and when I stopped talking to him from it..now he texted me all this... I don't know if he is for real about all this..my heart is just not content with what he told and how serious he is about getting married..how would I know ?can you guys tell me how can I find out if he's changed or not?


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  • Dang girl you are a little stalkerish aren't you?

    • lol we all are when it comes to our relationship with men;)

    • Some are true but not me! He is a ass move on! You can do better!

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