Ladies! I want to surprise my girlfriend by leaving a present at her house while she's at work, but what?

Id like to have her cheer up..

She gave me her backdoor key as a Valentine's gift,

You might think its a crap prezzie but it means a lot to me :)

So I wanna pop round while she's out and have ber surprised when she arrives home from work :) I think it would be fun for the oth of us, baring in mind I won't be there to see her reaction.. Lol


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  • Awwww :D SO CUTE!

    Well, there's the totally adorable cliche of a gorgeous bouquet <3

    Or, there's the, I-can't-tell-you-what-it-is present, because it's related to something sentimental the two of you share or is based on something she said to you.

    Example: She told you a week ago that she's bummed because she lost her favorite CD. And then you get her the CD again, but the special edition version of it... I dunno. Basically, think sentimental. Something that she'll see it and go, "Ohhh you're the sweetest boyfriend ever! I can't believe you did this for me!" :)

    Whatever you do, leave a thoughtful note. That's the most IMPORTANT part. If you really want to turn her to mush, you can make it more like a love letter. In fact, you could write a poem. If you're not good at this, you can do the corny thing and take a used poem and then based on what the poem says, give an associated gift. This would work better though if she has a fave song or poem. A simple corny example; the roses are red, violets are blue, poem. And then giving it to her with red roses and blue violets. Gotta still write a personal note on the back of the poem though!

    More current example... if say she really liked a song (it should be a love song) that mentions a necklace, get her a necklace. Kinda see what I mean? Corny romantic. I don't know who wouldn't love that.

    • Lol I'm not sure how that would work if I'm not there when its lying on her bed :P I don't quite recall her having anything she needs replaced hmm, I note I shall leave but not quite sure what to write lol, maybe something cute like "im so happy to be with you, I love you" I don't know I need to think about it lol I do have some lyrics I like though :)

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  • Roses. A sweet gesture that is sure to put a smile on her face.

    • I like that idea, but how much would roses be? :P and would they be OK to leave on her bed? :P

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    • Thinking about leaving a rose, doesn't that imply death? :P I remember it on "v for vendetta" aha well she has been a bit down :/ I hope it would cheer her up but I'm clueless with what to write, ah yes :P though I live in england and I think they only sell flowery type things on vday... Wait.. It is vday soon so maybe they'll have them :D perfect timing then lol how long can they have to be layed there without dying? :) yes I hope so thankyou for your answers ^^

    • Oh. I didn't realize you lived in England. Hmm... You could try a florist but I'm not sure how much it will cost...

      And you could write something simple like: Just wanted to make you smile or something similar as long as it is from your heart. :-)

  • Maybe you could make a nice dinner (or get it from a restaurant and bring it back) and lay it out nicely on the table with a love letter. Good luck! :)

  • Write cute things on post it notes and hide them in her room! Make her bed and place one flower on the pillow too! would be really sweet!


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  • Cook something special for her. I think that will mean a lot after a stressful work.

  • Give her the old double present bit. Get her a jewlery box and put something shiny in it... Its romantic, personal, and also says you thought about it. I did that for my wife and she cried =)

  • just take crap under her sink ...


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