My professor is being unreasonable even though I have a documented disability! What would you do?!

I'm taking a genetics course and the prof expects us to TEACH OURSELVES 2 chapters a week and do 3 assignments. I have a cognitive impairment and I can't do that. In lecture he doesn't teach us anything as we are expected to already know it, he just reads out key points and says "turn to your neighbor and discuss this." I've asked for assignment extensions as we only get 2 or so days and I can't do it because of my brain injury.

The disability resource office gives us accomodations and prof's are supposed to respect them but he flat out refused to do so to both me and then instead saying I can hand things in with the rest of the class or forfeit my marks.

I don't think it's fair to have to forfeit my grade due to disability...

Would you fight this? It will be ~10% of my grade...
In my disability rights I have found that he is not allowed to refuse accommodation to give me equal opportunity.

No, it is not entitlement when I am denied a right :)


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  • This may sound harsh but objectivley the assignment is not totally unreasonable. Self study is a big part of University, everything professors do to help you is generous but not required of them.

    A lot of professors have huge classes and additionally do some research, they don't have the time to consider every student individually.

    Also if you're in science/engineeirng, you will typically have a lot of students in introductory courses from whom a great won't pass. And professors know many are gonna fail, so they kinda expect a lot of students to be sturggling and don't really care if one falls behind.

    If you're one of those classes maybe write him an email saying it's because you have disability that you need some more time but will of course do all the assignments

    • I can't do it due to my disability. Every other teacher accommodates it and he is the only one to refuse. He says I have to forfeit marks due to my disability.

    • well what part can you not do? I'm sure you can do some of it. If can't teach the chapters yourself maybe there is some kind of tutor available that can help you. A lot of Universities have such tutoring progamm even for ordinary students.

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  • This may sound harsh. This is the real world. It doesn't adapt to you or anyone else. You must adapt to it. Many people have to work a lot harder than others because of disabilities. Nothing in life is handed to you, no matter what the circumstances may be. It may suck but that's the way it is. You have been dealt a blow in life, you must overcome this. Not have the world cattier to you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    • Then why do we have a disability resource office at my college to support those of us who can't do college like others due to disability? He is the first person they have encountered who has flat out refused to accommodate...

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    • It's as equal as telling someone in a wheel chair to climb a flight of stairs in the same amount of time as someone who can walk. Is that equal?

    • NO it's not, college is not required its a choice. Should it be tailored to fit every individual's needs. If so then everyone in the country could earn a degree. It's higher education it's not for every single person. Once again I am truly sorry that life dealt you this, but if want you me to say your right it's not going to happen. Thanks for all the well wishes, it you don't want peoples oppions, don't ask, it you can't handle them, don't ask. Best of luck to you.

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  • Yes, you should fight this.

    Not every professor is a good teacher.

    I had a professor that not only had a horrible accent, but all he did was write on the board. He would explain things in ways no one would understand.

    Not just anyone can be a teacher.

    If you know your rights then stand up for them.

    Documentation and facts are your friend.

    • well professors are not teachers

    • What are they then? Other than vanity reasons, what's the difference?

    • well for once University is mostly self study. Professors are not like teachers and will encourage and work hard so that all of their students pass.If one falls behind, they do a catch up week Not all teachers do either, but either I hope you see a difference.

      Professors pretty much give you the material you need to pass their exams but you have actually learn it yourself. A lot of Universities don't have labs,tutorials or practicals, is all left to you

  • Is it possible for you to add a different professor to your schedule and drop him?

    I think you should go talk to the disability resource office and see what they have to say...

    I don't have a disability but my professors respect people who do and they give extensions to those who do...they just require a note to be brought.

    • No. He's got a monopoly on the course :(

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