Could there be guys who just don't know how to pursue a girl?

This guy told me he likes me but I just don't understand why he's not doing much to pursue me. Like, last time we talked he said he hopes we could get in touch some more. But he never starts a conversation. And, since he studies in a different country for the meantime, he always tells me whenever he's here back home during his break but never asks me out. He just says he's here.

Are these signs he's just not that interested? Shoul I move on? Or he just doesn't know how to pursue a girl? Judging from his personality, I could say he's never had a relationship before, though I'm not entirely sure.


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  • Yeah, sure. Some guys don't know how. Some guys may not want to as they don't think they should 'pursue' the girl, in a broad sense of the word. Or in a narrow sense of the word, they are too shy to ask her out.

    Are these signs he's just not that interested? -- Can't really tell, not sure.

    Shoul I move on? -- So just because he didn't ask you out you think of moving on?! You're giving up easy. Ever thought of you asking him out? Maybe he says yes and you can get together. If he says no, then move on.

    Or he just doesn't know how to pursue a girl? -- Could be, or he's too shy


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  • YES! there are a lot of guys like this.

    If you have no experience with doing something, then you don't know how to do it. This applies for everything in life ;-)

    There also a lot of guys, who are REALLY afraid of rejection.

    but its also possible, he don't want to getting to sirius, since he studies in another country.

    • Yeah, probably you're right. He did ask me before though if we could still each other when he gets back home for good ( this was before he left) so I still don't get why he wouldn't do something more like meet up when he's on break. Thanks for replying btw! :)

  • Yes, many men are unskilled when it comes to women; I would still be in the dark if it were not for the many resources we have today on the internet.

    • can you explain more how you girls want us to pursue you, cause we don't know you just being nice or really interested to us?so how would you like us to do?

    • For me, I just want the guy to keep on starting conversations, asking to hang out so we could get to know each other some more. If I were just nice, I'll just be replying to your messages but if I'm interested, I'll also start conversations. However, that's what I did with him and now he seems to be just waiting for me to start all the time. Not sure why..

  • yeah there are so that's why we are single because life, society says it's the guys role

  • Most guys that know how to pursue a girl are players lol... So yes there could


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  • Hes just baiting you. Fully and totally. define the way he said I like you.. did he look into your eyes deeply and say in a baritone voice that he likes you or Did you say something funny and he gave you a slanted smile whilst say he likes you? So many outcomes! Argg. gods... anywhoo... if he does not show any initiative.. to get to know you after dropping that then.. he is a write off... or friend-zone. based on the above I would say with DEEP DEEP regret. that He is not into you and that even tho he may like something about you.. it is not enough to get him to want you.. the same way you want him. Now its not a total bad thing, now that you have been freed from the shackles of "like me, like me nots" its says your between the ages of 18 to 24.. you GOT ample about of time to get your jiggy on with someone who likes you for you.. like likes you likes you.. not you. :p

    (see what I did there? tee hee. )

    hope you LIKE this. And good luck.

    XX mean it.

    • I think he did mean it. He asked us to meet up and then he told me and I can see in his face that he was really nervous. He's a really shy guy. Anyway, Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I've been thinking about it lately how he's not initiating a lot things. But he still gives me mixed signals like how he would wait until I go online so we could chat and rememebers the little details I tell him and yet doesn't start conversations. So confused :(

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    • Ahahah! Thank you. Tough love ;)

    • so sorry I feel like sh*t for even mentioning.. but I need to help my sisterthren

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