Should I help or just leave her alone?

My friend is getting surgery in a couple of days. She goes to school in my city, and is getting the surgery here, but she lives in a different one 8 hours away. Her parents won't be coming up here to be with her after the surgery, and she is entirely alone. I want to help her and be there for her, but she keeps saying "I'll be okay". I just don't think it's okay to leave her alone like this, and I know she's scared. I think she feels like she would inconvenience me by getting me to help her, but that isn't it at all. Do I let her go through this alone or do I stay and make sure I'm there to help her? What could I say to her that will show her I WANT to help her and be there? I don't want her to go through this entirely alone. Help!


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  • You don't need to be there to help her.

    It's best when you just go visit and stay by her side.

    I've seen stories like this, and all of them have been a success because people will always go, stay and talk to them, even though they don't have anything to help.

    • That's what I mean though. I need her to know I'll be there to talk to her, I just don't know how to effectively say that without sounding like the cliche "I'm here for you" stuff

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