Anyone Else Sick Of Hearing This?

I've heard "if it's meant to be then it'll be" or some version of it enough times to realize what it really is. It's a lot of bull. It's a saying that others (tbh, most I hear it from are women) use to try and avoid causing pain or to make things "easier" and give a false hope for the future. Really what it's saying is "we'll never see each other again, but I'm going to give you a small bit of hope cause it'll be easier on me if I don't realize how much I've hurt you."

If you REALLY want things to be, if you really want someone in some way, be it friendships or not, then you should fight for it. You can't be passive and expect karma or some other bullsh*t idea to do anything for you. So it's obvious those who say it are either idiots and expect things to magically get better later and some problem to be solved with time (it won't) or they are really just trying to avoid causing the other pain they know they will cause.

I say be honest entirely. If you never intend to talk with the other again, then say so. Tell em why. And move on. They'll get over it. And if not, well, then they're weak minded. No more of these false hopes or lies or any ideas that people come up with.
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  • Yeah I know ifs meant to be its not gonna happen by you doing NOTHING... I really hate hearing this so much because women think that if its meant to be itill happen in some magical way with them having to do happens because you make it happen and its not really just women.


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  • If you think that phrase meant you should do nothing then you're understanding it wrong. Just like everything in life, it's not enough to leave things by chance. You still need to put your fair share of work to make things happen. The thing is that phrase exist because there are a lot of real life proofs. It's not uncommon for a relationship to not work for the first (or maybe the first few) times but in the end somehow it works out.

    In order for a relationship to work out two things are necessary, chemistry and timing. Very often the chemistry is there but not the timing but two people that have natural chemistry will always be drawn to each other even though the circumstances isn't always right. Whether you believe in fate or not, life often works in a funny and unexpected way. Things you never knew might happen, happen. Even the worst of enemies could one day be the best of friends hence the phrase "if it's meant to be then it'll be" because you can't predict the future, you can only work on it or in some cases the universe will do the work for you.

    • In order for a relationship to truly work out you need communication, trust, and love. If you don't have all three of those things, nothing else will work out. You need to have that communication especially to work things out. Timing doesn't mean jacksh*t if no one says anything or communicates with the other.

      And fate is just bullsh*t. Just complete bullsh*t.

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    • Chemistry doesn't necessarily include communication, or trust. Chemistry is... more like love.

      And fate is bullsh*t. And people who reunite might be unexpected to that person, but that doesn't mean it was fated to happen. Should they have made any other choice they might never have met again. And there are even MORE cases where people never meet again. Why do we pretend like people who meet up again were fated or had some mystical power helping them along? They never did.

    • Chemistry is just the beginning, everything else will follow or else you wouldn't even bother to communicate or trust. As for fate I say we agree to disagree, I'm just saying sometimes life works in a funny way, you could meet someone and say it's coincidence, fate, whatever but you can't say you actually look for that someone because you don't even know when or how you'll meet. And if you say there are people who never meet again then wouldn't that simply mean that they were never meant to be?

  • Yeah, lazy people like to blame fate.

    I believe (like we were told in Terminator) there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

  • People don't like to blame themselves when things don't go their way that's why the rely on this.

  • I voted B, but its not legit.

    Its said to comfort people, not as a plan of action going forward.


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