Why don't more people see this as immoral?

Talking to 'some' Christians on this site say they think anybody who doesn't worship Jesus is going to Hell

They don't say it in a judgmental way, but the arrogance to claim that billions of people deserve to be punished in Hell because they 'chose the wrong god' and that this God is still loving and cares for them

Please tell me I'm not alone in thinking that this is practically barbaric to believe(even if true)
Someone just told me Gandhi and Einstein are going to Hell

they felt bad about it, but they still love their god


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  • As a Christian I find it rude to say that to another human being, while the Bible does say " I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life." John 5:24 It doesn't say that those won't enter into Heaven though it can be implied, it gives us no right to condem others to Hell. What man is so great as to judge another's fate in the afterlife? Not a single one, not me or you or anyone else. Only God can judge wether to condemn or to save. This is proofed here "And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works." (Rev 20:11-12)

    Sorry if that's a bit long. And also in closing, how can any of us truly know the hearts of one another, and the works that we have done. So it really isn't our place to say if someone is going to Hell for a fact, because we don't know.

    • My issue isn't really about the condemnation or what actually happens after we die

      but about a person that believes other religions are sent to Hell and that god is still all-loving,

      to me that just seems like they don't care enough about human beings for it to be an issue with their God

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  • Believing in eternal hell is not immoral. I fail to see how it is if it's simply a belief we know nothing of or can't prove. I mean there's a lot of things that I could also say "Why don't people see this as immoral" to. But just because someone believes in something you might not or have trouble understanding doesn't make it "immoral". While it is definitely not nice to tell people they are going to hell some Christians don't say this by means of insulting you. They say it because they genuinely don't want to go hell and don't want you to go there either. I don't see what's arrogant about that. If you struggle with the idea of heaven and hell then it's not a Christians problem. You have a problem then with the man upstairs Himself.

    • it's immoral to say that god is still loving and wants you to go to Heaven

      he wouldn't make 'belief in a certain god' a requirement

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    • Most people feel bad but they just accept it, why doesn't it cross their mind

      that if God was so loving he would save them

      they'd say that about their own family if they didn't believe because doctrine has corrupted their minds

      one person I was talking to(under 18) said about Gandhi going to Hell that 'they've made their decision and now I have to make I mine'

      which makes me feel really sad for humanity

    • Well you clearly pointed out this person who talked about Gandhi was under 18 so I think even you realize that this person has no idea what they are saying due to immaturity. When you're really young you think narrow minded, that's where they are at right now. I wouldn't say "most" people feel bad but just accept it. For most people it's just not a big deal cause they don't believe in it or really know for sure what happens after we die. So it's sort of a hopeless case.

  • I think it is. It really is.

    I'm a buddhist and frankly, you know what, if they believe something they should really keep it to themselves and stop pushing it in other peoples faces.

    Imagine if a bunch of people started calling president Obama a god and saying that all those who don't worship must die.. bit drastic no?

    I'm not talking about all of them, but to those who do, please respect other people's views!

  • Most self proclaimed Christians aren't really Christians.

    If one was so Christian like, wouldn't they know better than to condemn others for 'sins' they view greater than the sins they've committed? Sure, being a homosexual isn't the equivalent to using God's name in vain, but if you've committed a 'sin' yourself why condemn another?

    Isn't the final judgment in GOD's hands? Having the label Christian doesn't entitle one to condemn others not believing the same

  • God knows the heart of every man,women,and child. God has the last and final say as to what happens to us. Guess what Christians don't get a free pass. Everyone needs to hold themselves acoubtable for their actions.

  • I believe in Zues.. and all these "Christian" heretics are going to be doomed to eternity in Hades...

    But I don't run around telling them that...

    Let them believe what they want to believe...

  • These kinds of people are hypocrites and its wrong to me. Its not anyone's place to be judging for God, worry about yourself.

    You don't know anything about other people's lives or what the God you believe in has planned for them. So leave them alone to work it out and live your own life.


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  • Religion is flawed. Simply because each and every religion on this earth is from the hand of man. Not materialised by some omnipotent all-knowing being.

    Personally I find anyone who believes in religion in this day and age of science, knowledge and teaching to be incredibly naive and blind. As a result I hardly expect them to notice the numerous flaws and contradictions which exist amongst their chosen religion.

    • Science has yet to explain why we are here.

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    • Religion came to be through mans desire to control. Not the desire to find out why we are here.

      If anthing science came about by a desire to find out why we exist when people became unsatisfied with the 'god did it' explination.

    • yeah but it's one thing to believe we have a purpose and a creator(which you could make a weak case for)

      and another to believe in Christianity with God's son, heaven, hell with no support at all,

      it shows they don't really care about 'why' if they just accept it on irrational grounds

  • It is extremely immoral, and I always laugh at how Christians try to make it look acceptable but fail and make themselves look like awful apologists for a barbaric and completely evil belief, that just because I don't accept their god, that I'm doomed to eternal torment. I also find it comical actually, that they don't realise, well, maybe you're wrong? What if the Muslims are right? What if the hindus are right? What if the aliens from my ballsack are right? I also find it frightening that religious people think that morals are derived from religion and that anyone who doesn't have religion is some kind of beast with no morals, bullsh*t! So basically if they didn't have religion they'd go around killing people... that's pretty sad, I mean what about people that existed before religion, they didn't go around killing each other like animals, because emmmmm... we're here now? Yeah religion is pretty illogical, you shouldn't need faith for anything, is it really that much to ask that if god existed that he come down and say 'I am god, stop killing each other'... but no he works in mysterious ways apparently... link

  • Deserved?

    Most christians I know with those views would say that nobody deserves heaven, that its only through christ's grace that anyone goes to heaven.

    But still, I'm not sure what your point is.

    I don't share their point of view, but if they're right, they're right, barbaric or not. Whether it seems particularly nice to you doesn't really matter.

    • it's as if they think someone who sets up the criteria of who should be tortured is still a good person

      you don't see anything wrong with that or having that being passed down or preached to others

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    • God could be an a**hole but Christians don't portray him as that

      if god really cared why wouldn't he allow good people into Heaven

      rather than just people who believed in him

      punishing someone with Hell when they don't even know they have the wrong religion,

      It might be reality but that doesn't mean people have to find it moral, I don't understand how some can

    • How about they assume God has his reasons, is infinitely smarter then us. Notice human morality drifts all over the place. Maybe they just assume he is -right- and has his reasons.

      I think you're clear - I don't agree with their beliefs but they are internally consistent.

  • Immoral or not , true or not , there is a god or not .. Those I can't answer you .

    What I can and will say is that if I'm going to hell cause I chose not to worship any god , then them people that just say that they believe in a god and go on and do exactly the opposite of what their own religion talks about will surely be there in hell with me and for some reason I'm sure I will get a better torment place just cause I'm honest with my self and with others .

    Its funny how people say that they believe in Jesus who talked about love and forgiveness and then the same people go on and rant about how THEY can't forgive someone for having a mind of his own and choosing to thing otherwise and THEY think that God will punish them and send them to hell (btw Jesus forgave his own killers and asked for mercy on them ) , ofc don't get me wrong here I respect people that believe in gods and people that don't the same and ofc I respect their ideas as well , but I can't respect them people that can't respect others and their own ideas .

  • I am catholic, and even I think it's f***ing ridiculous. What one chooses to believe, is entirely their choice. I wouldn't force my beliefs on anyone, and I certainly don't believe that people who don't believe in Jesus are going to hell. Religious fanaticism is what irritates me.

  • I actually saw an interesting video of this once from a Christian girl who realized that what she was doing trying to change people was wrong. She realized that it is a form of arrogance and looking down on people and instead people should be more Christ like and love each other. It was a pretty powerful YouTube video I wish I could remember it..

    I found it... https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=8Fod4sy8wtw

    • RedThread: thank you so much for posting that video. It was brilliant, and spot on! Thanks man.

    • You're very welcome :)

    • "...and instead people should be more Christ like and love each other."--- THIS.

  • They do - they just got bored of pointing out examples of Christian hypocrisy about a thousand years ago...

  • Who cares anymore. Religion will be archaic and a thing of the past one day in the relative near future.

  • No, you're not alone. I actually wouldn't call it immoral...more like naive and simple minded.

    All primitive cultures have some concept of a deity, and usually one of hell in some form. I think it's imprinted in our DNA to some degree. But the fact that we also have the powers of intellect and reason allow us (most of us anyway) to think beyond it and see it for what it is...a simple minded explanation to a complex question.

    In the end, any "god" who is intelligent enough to create the universe would not also create an imperfect race of beings and then hold them to a perfect standard and punish those who use their powers of intellect and reason by committing them to everlasting pain and suffering. Some folks are just not capable of stepping outside their conventions long enough to recognize that.

  • Arrogance is only perceived by the individual. God is forgiving of all. It is obvious that you don't have a basic understanding of Christianity so it is a loss for anyone to try to educate you on it since you already have decided that it is dumb/barbaric. For the people mentioning natural disaster (aka acts of God) why is it that you don't think He chose to save those people by bringing them to heaven and removing them from their suffering?

    Also since when does "some" represent an entire group. you said it yourself that they aren't judgmental so why are you so upset?

    waiting for the downvotes

    • (acts of God I can understand, but they can be immensely painful for the individual not to mention starving to death or dying of diseases)

      educate me if I don't understand

      If people who don't believe in Jesus are sent to Hell, then I don't see how it can be anything but immoral to punish the majority of people because they don't know their religion is wrong

    • there is not enough time or space to explain religion on here. it isn't something that you just read you have to experience it. it is obvious that you are not actually interested in understanding with what you have said already. its OK tho maybe you will find what you are looking for in life. Jesus & God are not the same thing so that is a start to things you can learn about. what is moral or not is based on your own beliefs so what you think isn't the same as others.

    • I haven't experienced it, but I talk to people who say they have and they still have poor reasoning when they're condemning other religions to Hell

      (also some Christians believe Jesus and God are the same, you can't make out that Christianity is one simple thing when there are thousands of denominations)

  • Exactly. There "Loving and merciful God" allows innocent people to suffer horribly and purposely chooses not to help them. While at the same time he allows murderers, child molesters, and Rapists to go to Heaven as long as they believe in Jesus. And then you get to spend eternity worshipping him with all of them. His "Children".

  • Of course it is. But you can't convince them of that - they have been indoctrinated to think that good and evil are defined by what God says and does.

    If he decides to cause a Tsunami and kill 250,000 people, then that's good. Because he's God.

    If he decides to make you pregnant, then you have a miscarriage, your baby's soul goes to limbo for ever (instead of Heaven) because it was never Baptised - and that's good too, because he's God.

    And if a mass murdering rapist has a presto-changeo last minute death bed conversion, then there will be more celebrations in Heaven that this a**hole got in, than if 100 holy men walk through the door. And that is good, because God said so.

    And you're an "amoral" atheist, if you think that a so-called god like that doesn't exist and wouldn't be worth worshipping if it did exist.

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