How would you feel if your daughter dressed like this?

Say she is like 17-18 and she dresses like she's 25, won't that send the wrong signals? Mother says that's how she used to be back in the day.. everyone says it looks like she's trying to force herself to look older.


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  • If the girl is legally an adult what really can you do? If she wants that type of attention, then so be it. If you are implying that she dresses revealing then this shows the level of her confidence. She is trying to compensate for something she feels she is lacking. I would sit down and talk with her, and let her know she can still dress sexy but age appropriate (we would go shopping together, and I would help her select some things). I would also tell her, not all attention is good attention.

    • Well she is shy so maybe this is her way of speaking maybe?

    • I doubt it's her way of speaking. Maybe a way to become more noticed by men, yes. Because dressing like that is only expressing sexual thoughts.

    • Hmm could be true

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  • Um...that wouldn't fly in my house. You dress your age and not a day older.


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