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so long story short I fell in love with a friend of mine, and she got with someone else, she did sort of know how I felt but that's another story, now we haven't spoken in about 6 months and I messaged her on Christmas eve to wish her a merry Xmas and happy new year and pretty much to say I hope she is OK, no reply! I am not constantly trying to get hold of her or anything but I just can't seem to stop feeling sorry for myself and missing her, is there anything I can do to speed up the process of getting over her completely? its been about 6 months and I am fed up of thinking of her all the time


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  • Ahhh, this is an all too familiar story. You have my sympathies. To get over her, you really need to find a new occupation. Erase her from as much of your social media as you can, especially if she isn't talking to you, because it sounds like she doesn't want anything to do with you. So your time (which is valuable) should be spent on more worthwhile pursuits, whether it be a different girl, or a hobby...doesn't really matter


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  • I believe everything will be erased with time. You just need to focus on your responsibilites and life. Keep distract yourself as much as you can.


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  • It's best if you find a new girl now.

    That can help you speed up the process of getting over her.

    Also, be socially active by joining clubs and tutorial classes to meet new people and to find new friends and new relationships.

  • Don't message her on things like Christmas eve and her birthday, etc, hoping for a reply

    • we were best friends before she got with someone (her words not mine) I think a reply was just the polite thing to do, wasn't to fussed that I didn't get one which I used as a milestone to how far I had come

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