Girls: Would you stay with a guy if you found out about a disturbing novel he had published?

Like you've been dating seriously for a couple years or so, and then you find out that he got a novel published under a pseudonym. It is told in the point of view of everything you hate in a guy, and has events that are basically your worst nightmares.

However! He's never told ANYONE about it, not even his best friends, family or anyone only because it was a private matter. In fact, you were the first person he's told because he doesn't want to keep secrets.

He is not like the character in the book at all, and loves you more than anything.

How would you handle it?
***edit: I may have to clarify: The narrator in the book is the last guy you'd ever want to date. A totally disgusting person who goes against everything you stand for


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  • It's fiction - of course I'd stay with him. I'd probably be interested in how he came to write the book.


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  • Lol, is this like a plot from a 90s romantic comedy, or something?

    • No, it's a situation my sister is dealing with >_>

    • Well, if he's nothing like his book, then what's there to worry about?

    • I don't know, that's why I'm asking you would you suspect him of having a hidden fantasy of being that character that he may act upon one day?

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  • WEll, that is all a matter of opinion..and as a work of fiction, you have to consider that the author doesn't necessarily identify with his narrator!

    Unfortunately, there probably are a lot of people like this narrator, no? Authors eventually have to deal with reality...


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