Whats it mean when a guy says he doesn't think we will ever be the same again?

he says its time for us to go our separte ways. its been like 3 years but I still miss him so much! he use to tell me he felt like he knew me well enough to love me however I was and now we don't speak at all. but I want to talk to him so bad. anything I can do? what's it sound like to you?


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  • What he means, is that he doesn't love you like he did, and as a result, things are not how he wants it. Things are not the way he loved it. Things are different and they are never going to get the way they were when he loved you the way he did. That part is pretty self explanatory. I don't know if this is because of something you did, or because of something he did, or if it's just simply that he fell out of love, but it sounds pretty irreparable. I don't think there's anything you can do. Sorry.

    Any chance you can tell me what happened between you before he said this?

    • Could you message me?

    • No, I can't. You're anonymous.

    • Idk how I'm lousie 12

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