Is it OK to be mad about this with new girl?

So things went unusually fast with this new girlfriend mine and we are generally great so far ;)

I saw a guy texted her happy New Years who she said was a guy who she was interested in before - I didn't care but I saw that the text length was long - this was still when we just started so I asked her why he texted - she said just saying happy new year - I asked if anything else and she said nothing. I let it go but I just saw his name on the phone again except now she is constantly deleting the convo - I asked and she said not to worry and she told him she had a boyfriend and to trust her...

Should I be angry? I am usually not jealous but that seems so sneaky! I thought the first lie was just Because she was desperate to look good at first to me which I can understand


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  • You shouldn't be mad. Learn to trust.

    If you become mad just because of the guy's number, you're being clingy and desperate, which will creep your girlfriend out, making her leave you.


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