Am I the meanest exgirlfriend?

I chatted my exboyfriend, whom was in faraway place now, as I seen his status "I want to go home." We've talked a lot, I gave some topic and he gave one after mine. But it was interrupted as he called my name and I'd ask "What?". I was like speechless for awhile when he told me that he misses me. But then, I must reply so he won't be disappointed and I'd reply "You're saying that again", I mean he always say that to me but the last time he told me was over as we promise to each other that we are now friends. And he ended our conversation as he reply "Bye.", bitter. But I was worried. I never wanted anyone to get mad at me, and who person would love it? So, I message him, "Are you mad?" And a day after that he replied back but his still offline and he told me "No, why?" And I didn't reply until now and it’s been a week ago. So, Am I the meanest exgirlfiend ever? I think I feel something to her as I feel something to myself that still care about him.


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  • You're not really the meanest.

    When you said those words, it's just a spur of the moment.

    However, he still cares for you, and you should reciprocate his feelings as well.


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