Do guys pick on girls they like?

Every time I'm around this guy I'm always left wondering if he likes me or not. He always picks on me about every little thing about me or has something to say back when I say something to him in a smart aleck way but not mean. Just how our conversations go
Oh and he play fights with me too


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  • Well, in my early teens I used to play fight with girls, yes, but it didn't necessarily mean I liked them so much...more of a compeitive game we played!

    Always trying to one-up each other...that was before video games!


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  • I was that way when I was 9 years old.

    If he is also 9, then he probably likes you. Although aren't you too old for him?

  • That sounds like aomething only little boys snd girls do.

  • They sure do. My 1st girlfriend I dated I knocked out her front teeth on our first date. It was true love ...

    • Lmao

    • :)

      I lie because I would never date a girl that looked like this link

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  • Yes! Most of the guys that answered said that he was immature...which may be true but its natural. Truth be told they probably do it a little themselves whether they realize it or not. Many guys...even older men flirt this way. It really is timeless...its protrayed in many movies. In some cases he could just be messing with you but if he is single chances are good that he is flirting:-)


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