Should I get a tattoo on my wrist at 16?

Hi c: well, I'm 16 and I've been wanting a tattoo on my wrist since I was like 14>.< my sister thinks I'm going crazy and my parents say no. My family is kinda religious which makes them say "no" every time I ask. I'm respectful to my body and everything, but this tattoo isn't a big deal. I'm a good girl; do good in school, responsible, etc. So I don't see why they make such a huge deal about this... I would like to get a infinity tattoo that says love in it. or something else. but it will be small and meaningful to me. Should I get it? not secretly, but like keep trying to convince my parents to get it?
thanks for the answers guys! I am gonna think more about it. Thanks for your answers/comments(: they helped! ha ha but yeah, thanks! All of what you guys said was so true and I am gonna start thinking a lot about it.

You guys were SOOO right! It's only been 6 months and I already think it was a stupid idea. Thanks for the advice! I'm glad I didn't get it. Right now, I think it's a stupid idea. I'm glad I didn't get it in the moment.

Thanks guys! :D


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  • No way. No no, no no and no. For one, you're under age to get a tattoo- think on it till you're legal.

    I'm 19, my first tattoo was on my hips- not visible in a business environment. You're young, so you're not thinking about these things, but what will employers think when they see a tattoo on a highly visible area of your body? It's not fair, but life isn't fair.


    1.) Wait till you're 18 to really decide

    2.) Take in to account how it will affect the rest of your life- such as employment.


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  • Just ask yourself why. If you are getting a tattoo because "Why not" or that "it would be so cool/cute" then you need to rethink your priorities.

    If it is a tattoo honoring a dead loved one, than that is different.

    Lets just put it like this, never get a tattoo anywhere you can't easily cover it up. The back is easy to cover up, the ankle is easy to cover up, the wrist is not.

  • Doesn't hurt to keep trying. Maybe you could explain in detail what you'd like, just so they don't have in mind you getting your whole arm tatted haha.


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  • Trust me, I was you and thank god my parents didn't let me. Even though what I wanted was small and "meaningful" (I can see how it was at the time but six years later it just seems like I was saying that to convince myself) I would have regretted it. Yes, I still want a a tattoo but I'm glad I waited. If your really really sure, carry the design with you for six months on a binder or your phone background and make sure you don't get sick of it. I've ended up veto-ing a few things because of that. Especially if your thinking something like an infinity symbol which is just. A huge fad right now, when I was 16 everyone was doing stars. (Sorry for any grammar/spelling issues I'm typing on my ipad :p)

  • Do yourself a favour and don't get this tattoo. Trust me. You're 16 years old. In 4 more years you will look back and thank goodness you didn't do this.

  • before you get it be sure you want to have it there too when you are 40 or 80 years old...

    probably wait another few years and if you still want it then get it...

    this infinite sign might be a trend now but keep in mind that this is forever and you probably will regret it someday

    probably also try out a henna tatoo first it lasts a few weeks, I had one and I have to say that after two weeks it really just annoyed me


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