Whats 11 things not to say to your gf?

i know their are a lot of things not to say to your girlfriend / wife but what are the 11 most important things you shouldn't say yo your gf


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  • 1. You remind me of my ex - She's your ex for a reason!

    2. You should dress like that girl over there - Because I just love being out on a date with someone who is actively checking out other girls in front of me!

    3. I want you to wear this (picture hooker style outfit) to make other men jealous of me - Oh, so you want me to exploit myself to boost your ego?

    4. You should wear make up - It's horrible and makes my face itch. Why would you want my face to itch? Do you hate me?

    5. You're too uptight - What was that? I didn't quite hear you. Did you say I have too much self-respect?

    6. My last girlfriend did this/that for me all the time - If she was so perfect then why did you split?

    7. Your friend has great boobs - Oh hell no! That's my friend. Stay away!

    8. Make me a sandwich - You'd better be joking here and taking me out to dinner

    9. You're ugly - Why would you go out with someone you think is ugly? Are you saying that you're ugly too or just desperate as hell?

    10. You should improve your look - You should improve your attitude

    11. No girl does that! - FYI this girl does and she knows plenty of other girls who do "that" too


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  • You know, when I first met you, I thought you were unattractive/dumb/a jerk/etc

    Look at your jelly belly!

    I hate girls who [something your girlfriend does]

    Are you really wearing that?

    Are you really eating that?

    Your mom/sister/best friend is hot

    Staying with the same person for the rest of your life is stupid

    Your beliefs/opinions are stupid

    I think you would look better if you started wearing makeup

    That's all I got haha, but you get the idea :)

    • yaaa hahaha but if you find someone unattractive why would you go out with them ? :P in the frist place ?

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    • I'm the same way haha... unfortuately many people aren't.

    • true that

  • -"Have you considered a less toothy smile? Or...smiling less."

    -"Never dye your hair that color/cut your hair that way."

    -"You're thicker than most girls I've dated...but no worries, nothing a few gym visits can't fix."

    -"My ex's face was stunning. I mean yours is pretty too, and your figure is better...but wow...her face was perfect."

    -"Wow. Your sister is hot. If I weren't dating you..."

    -"Good thing you're good in bed...or you wouldn't have ANY worthwhile skills."

    -"You need to drop your friend. She doesn't get me."

    -"That's a stupid hobby.

    -"You want to be WHAT for a career? That's stupid."

    -"No offense, but you're a woman. You don't have to understand. Just sit there and look pretty."

    -"Why do you waste time reading? It's so...pointless."

  • you look fat

    you're legs are hairy

    you should get a boob job

    you're boring

    you're ugly

    you have no personality

    you stink

    ummm should I go on?..lol

    good things are..

    you're beautiful

    you make me smile

    I could spend all day hanging out with you

    I will get off work early so we can go on a date

    I got you flowers/jewelry!

    I will make dinner for you:)

    You look sexy

    You are perfect

    You're the best I've ever had

    etc etc etc :)


What Guys Said 3

  • You're fat

    I hate you

    You're a POS

    You're ugly

    I'm just using you for sex

    I'm sleeping with your sister

    Your vag reeks of a thousand dead fish

    You look absolutely terrible

    You should shave that mustache

    You're a woman. It's not like you're a person or anything

    STFU and get back in the kitchen.

  • F*** you bitch

    that dress makes you look like a fat bitch

    that dress makes my mom look hot

    that dress use to be your mom's drapes?

    Id'e like to tap that ass (as her best friend walks by)

    I hate blowjobs

    Your p**** smells like used kitty litter

    She will have the salad (while at a fancy restaurant) because that fat bitch *points at fat bitch* is on a diet

    Your mom is way hotter than you

    I hope when you get older you don't look like your mom when you get older

    Can I f*** your sister just one time?

  • Never let her know she's fully got you.



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