Girls please help me understand this?

A guy says something really stupid to you he apologizes for the comment. The girl says she did not hear it. So I say to her kidding " I knew you where not paying any attention" Then to my shock she says to me Smiling back " I was paying attention". Any meaning getting that reaction for a Girl ? Or am I just looking for something that is not there ?


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  • Sounds like she was really unhappy by your comment and your apology didn't make up for the fact that you said something offensive to her. I think she wanted more of an apology...and her comment " I was paying attention" was just alluding to the fact that she realizes things about you now, that she may not have before. Just my two cents! Good luck :) Ps: Go out and buy (or make, print out, craft, anything thoughtful!) her something nice, something she has been asking for (or hinting at) for awhile. Say you feel terrible and to make up for being a d-bag you wanted to make a concerted effort to make it up to her, so you went out and got her a "fill -in-blank". This DOES NOT make up for a Valentine's gift!


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  • sounds like she likes you.

  • She heard your stupid comment and is mad or annoyed about it.


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