How can I get motivated to exercise?

The thing is I say one thing but never do it. I'm 5'4'' and 147. I've recently gained 10 pounds! I have to say I am proud of myself though because I used to be 180!

I really don't enjoy exercising. People say you feel better after you exercise, I don't! Yes, I guess I am lazy but I want to change.

I have everything, an armband for my iPhone, workout DVDs, aerobics step, fitted running shoes.

How do I get motivated? I need to eat healthier and exercise. My goal is to be 115-120. I ultimately want to be healthy.


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  • here are some things that worked for me.

    I downloaded a ton of wallpapers of super hot women, I just typed in hot girls wallpapers and they practically downloaded themselves :D after looking at them I wanted to have a body close to that.

    Do not eat in the evening!

    Look at yourself in the mirror with a bathing suit on, but one that's small for you, like one or two sizes. That got my ass out and running in no time :D

    Think about how much better and easier everything would be if you were your ideal weight and size :) It gave me a lot more confidence and luck with the guys :) (although the fact that a lot more guys notice me now when I"m thinner makes me a bit sad, but what can you do :/ )

    Note that it is extremely important to have a realistic view of your desired weight and size, not one that's way too skinny. do some research on the subject, like check on various sites and all other resources you can find about what is the ideal weight for your height and years :)


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  • 1 - Think of that really hot guy you want to get.

    2 - Think of every single person who ever made fun of you for being fat.

    3 - In the event that steps one and 2 fail, put "Eye of the Tiger" on your music player.

    Now loop it.


    If that doesn't get you motivated you're dead on the inside.

  • I was in your place a couple of years ago,but then I decided to get ripped.I can assure you it is worth all the time,effort and pain you put in.You're gonna be 100% satisfied with the results,get more confident,feel better/healthier and overall get starred by A LOT more people.Message me,got some really motivational pictures/links that helped me

  • Find a friend to go with or use a personal trainer. Most gyms will give you an hour or two with a personal trainer if you're a member. Gym membershps are cheap compared to I phones!

    Take it slow at first; find things you enjoy doing to start with. Have the personal trainer give you a range of options on exercising.

    But losing the weight is more about ending bad dieting habits. Get your food under control; start a routine for eating, and stick to it. Don't allow yourself any binging on snacks or alchol, to start with.

    Surely you have a friend who's really fit? Start by hanging out with the friend!


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  • what is your diet like currently? Some foods can make you feel lazy..

  • I'm 5'4 and am 110 lbs. Exercise is hard to get into, I know. The trick is to keep it up for about a week. The first week or so is always hard because you don't feel like it. But soon you become addicted. All you have to do is eat healthier (portion control! A lot of healthy food = a little bit of unhealthy food!) so watch your portions. Cut out soft drinks and alcohol (if you drink) and then walk places.

    I go on the elliptical every day for a half hour to an hour and then I do 100 sit ups, 75 squats, 75 leg lifts, and 5 sets of ten of bicep curls.

    Cardio does not always work. You also need to include weight training (lifting).

    Basically, you just have to make yourself do it. Think of that bikini you want to fit into (that was my inspiration for losing the 5 or so pounds). You just have to make yourself do it. That's all I can say. You won't feel good for the first week or so, but after that, you'll get high off it lol. Just get your music, and make yourself do it.

    Good luck.


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