Bus broke down? Did we talk to each other a lot?

Ok so there is a boy named(lets say D) our bus broke down when we dropped kids off.anyway we got on spare bus I got up out my sit he was right behind me. We have been arguing about who was smarter,stronger,taller,faster on Facebook and face to face(its for fun) anyway he was behind me we stopped(the whole line stopped) and I measured the height we were like real close(even) but I said I was taler we argued all the way to the spare bus. anyway his brother justd keeps talking I think he likes cause just laughs what I say once he called me chicken butt(he was looker at my butt. Anyway there's a 2 years difference and D has months difference. He flirts with me too I think laughing still when I crack my knuckles he crackes his. he looks at me(I see fom corner of eye we st dieagnolly from each other). I really liek him


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  • Good luck on Facebook lkieing all the taler chicken btss

    • what are you talking about

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    • You are mental. I am 42 so that means I can't talk to people under 30? I don't make anything sound like anything. You make yourself seem like an ageist and a bigot. I will talk to who I want and that certainly won't be with you. Good day to you

    • I didn't know there was a rule where a 42 year old man can't talk to someone in another age group. What is the age group they are allowed to speak to when it comes to just giving advice?

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  • Ask him to hangout and find about his likes and dislikes :)

  • are you this girl because you type like she talks: YouTube.com/watch?v=Yavx9yxTrsw


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