My puppy humps his 3 favorite toys, I don't care but my mom says that's bad..?

The reason I don't care is he, like us has needs lol. He only humps his specific 3 toys lol I don't care because it's not my foot and he isn't hurting anyone or thing lol. He is a 6 month old chihuahua. Should I care or do other people feel the same lol


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  • He's not sexually mature yet, so it's not a sexual behavior. It's actually a display of dominance. He's literally dominating his toys, perfectly normal behavior. As he gets a little older, he'll calm down. If he was still with his litter, they'd be establishing their dominance hierarchy right now, but since he's alone, and submissive to your family, he just wants to be able to boss someone around, so he's treating his toys like litter mates.

    • Haha omg that's actually really funny, thank you

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  • If you let him keep doing that he will very soon start humping your foot.

    • If he did I'd disabling him. But for now he isn't doin anything wrong lol

  • it's not bad. I still hump my favorite toys too.


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  • Oh lord, he has needs...

    That's why a lot of people neuter their dogs. Humping gets annoying.

    • Well he does lol and I will when he is older. Not while he is still growing

    • Dogs hump things for a number of reasons. There's the obvious (his needs lol), anxiety, they're playing, or to display dominance. There's really no way to know why exactly your dog is doing it, but I think he's still too young to do it as a display of dominance. Can't your mom just love him in spite of it? lol

      And you can get dogs spayed/neutered while they're still growing.

    • Yea, and of coarse she just gets grossed out. Ad I know that but personally I want to wait until he is older

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