I need help with a gift for my girlfriend.

My girlfriends father just passed away a few days ago. I am getting her an engraved ring and want some advice. The ring I want is called the Paloma's Calife triple band ring from Tiffany's. It is 3 bands intertwined together. If you want to see it you can look at the website (I wasn't able to post a link to this).

I wanted to get her initials engraved on one of the bands, her father's initials on another one of the bands, and a short quote on the 3rd band. I was thinking "forever by your side" or "forever remembered." Can anyone help me with this gift idea please? Good idea or bad idea? Would you change anything?


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  • I also like "forever by your side"...this sounds like a very sweet gift, great Idea!


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  • That is perfect. Maybe pair it with some flowers? It's up to you. But I think the ring idea is so sweet, and I have no doubt she'll love it. :)

  • I like "Forever by your side". The ring looks nice too!

    I think she will adore it with all her heart, she might even cry (a good cry).


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