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I have this guy friend. He really wants a girlfriend and he asks pretty much every cute girl out that he meets but he always gets rejected. For obvious reasons lol. He makes a lot of sexual jokes towards girls and even though he's just kidding it's not very respectful.. He is unwilling to wait and get to know a girl, he is jobless (looking for one), dropped out of high school and really has no goals in his life.. I try to encourage him because he's really hard on himself but I just don't know what to say because sometimes when I try to give him advice, I say something really bluntly and he gets mad and stops talking to me... What advice should I give him next time he brings this up? :/ I really wanna help him.


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  • Have him go to the Cracked website and have him search for this article: "6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person"

    He needs to read that every day until some sense gets knocked into him.


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