He acts like he likes me but has a girlfriend, what should I do from here?

Okay so there's this kid and he's in one of my classes. He stalks me though. He never said anything to me, the only thing he ever said to me was thank you, when I did him a favor, he's really quiet in general though. Well anyway, so I always catch him staring at me. He does things like move his group to a different lunch area (towards me and disconnected from his group, closer to me), but once again didn't say anything later, when he was walking home, I was still waiting for my ride, he was doing this walk with faux pride and his head all up and just turned his head towards me, staring, thinking I didn't realize. The week later he wasn't being as obvious, but just staring out of his peripheral vision, and would later turn his head towards me, staring smiling, at least when I wasn't faced towards him (but could still see from well my peripheral vision). He naturally leans towards (a sign of attraction), drives his car a different way just to pass by me and cranks music, one time I didn't turn my head and see so he stopped the day after, he did it again, and cos I looked, kept it blared. Why is he acting this way? He has a girlfriend, but I don't want to hurt him and make him feel as if I don't even know of his existence, but he is older than me and I don't want to cause any problems or drama so can that be why he doesn't say anything and should I just keep it that way or no...?
Wait, I'm getting confused now, on the girl's FB she has in a relationship with, set to another name (another girl, I know she's bisexual though) but on his screen to his phone she changed it to the pic of them kissing and he uploaded it to instagram. I know they're still at least friends though. Anyway, in general I can't tell whether or not to trust him or not, he has caprcious behavior, he likes pages on FB about men who treat girls right, and not use them for sex, or abuse them as being gay
but also such contradicting that. I can do graphoanalysis and his print compared to his signature points to one whom tries to appear more tough and confident when in reality, shy, more sensitive and actually inconfident. I'm scared what he would be willing to do though. What are your opinions?


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  • Maintain your distance but let him keep liking u

    • IDK, if he does like me with a girlfriend would that just be the right thing to do, or do you say that for another reason? Cos if he genuinely does like me I'm not sure if talking to him, even just having a causal convo would be the right thing to do and I don't know I was suspicious about him in general, not just the he behaves as though he likes me, but other things.

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  • i would say maintain your distance ! seriously I don't trust this guys !its just something fishy and creepy about him ,yes I know mysteries thing attract us girls ! but just stay alert ! I guess he is showing what he is not ! I can be wrong but that's my opinion !

    • Yes, I know I guess with the last guy, I don't know just something about him when I first talked to him, creepy and he just wanted me for sex, even though this guy may genuinely like me, I just don't want to turn this into a pattern, and yeah looking into the last guy it's good he just left cos well, I mean he had warning signs like that too and who knows what type of person he was and what he would do to hurt others. IDK, I just want to accept people and give them chances, sometimes even learning they'r

  • i would say keep it that way ,don't notice him that much ,but act and talk normal ,the way he is acting show obvious sign that he like you but if he does he would have break up with his gf,it could be a game or dare OR he is shy you could never know boys mentality so if I were you I would maintain my distance and wait until he directly approach me and is single.

    • Hmmm, that's what I was wondering, if it was just a game, all I know is the day after it was waaayyy too obvious he got more discreet, but his friend may have told him, or maybe that's what he's doing playing games, and she didn't like it IDK, I don't really know her but I'm sure she knows all about me from her bitchy sister, that probably mentioned things. Also, he might be acting hesitant about the age difference.

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