Guys: do you actually do this...

At 32 years old, would you tell a girl how much of a fairy tale it is being with her and how we're so alike and all that (after only meeting 2 times!)... he's 8 years older then me

I think its a bit full on... as in he must say that to a lot of girls if he's saying it to me at that stage right?..



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  • It's sad but yeah, I guess many many guys might say things like that. We're in a society where the model of relationships/romanticism has been unfortunately forced since childhood by Disney. Men make their mental maps of the sexual dynamics with this flawed information so that when they finally face the dating scene they crash and burn epically. They are specialists in cheesy clingy language and behavior which are a major turn off. they're so ego-invested in their mental maps that they can't realize why their moves are not working with the ladies. The come across as lame, pathetic, or players in the best scenario. The worst is that this guy you talk about is probably a really good guy whose words and behavior are just not working for him because of an early dysfunctional socio-sexual conditioning.


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