Why do guys continue to bother you, when they say they're done?

This guy said he wasn't going to "bother" me during his recovery (don't ask me what that even means, he's messed up in the head) and that was six days ago. I've pretty much gotten over it, and then this morning at one am, he texts me "Hey. I just wanted you to know you still cross my mind, somewhat. I hope you're doing alright." Somewhat? That's a pretty douchey word to use. Why bother?

WHY DO YA'LL BOTHER. Why did he?

I just said "Okay." hours later, and he replied "Okay, catch you later or something! Bye."

Really? I thought we weren't TALKING, period. Just stop.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He doesn't actually want to stop talking to you. He really, really does.

    He wasn't really being a d*** when he said he thought about you "somewhat". He chose that wording because he thought it made him sound less desperate.


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  • He wants to keep you around for sex. String you along with little words of sentiments, pulling your heart strings. Leaving you alone after he gets want he wants and goes back to his other girlfriend

    • He definitely isn't "keeping me around" for sex. We've never had sex. I've never had sex in my life. He knows that. And he isn't one to try and get what he wants from someone when he knows they'd rather slit their throat first. He doesn't even have a girlfriend. Nice try

    • why ask a guy if your gonna get defensive over it. I'll tell you nothing but the truth. He's pulling a guilt trip on you to get to stick around. So if this new girl doesn't workout he'll have you on the back burner. I have done just what he is doing. How do you know he's not seeing someone else already? You say you don't talk to him much. I can text you I'm married to courtney cox don't mean I am, just like him saying he's single don't mean he is! Get mad at me if you want but think about it.

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  • I found out the hard way, with this one guy I knew I said we were done but he'd still text me occasionally hinting for sex... was quite annoying, best thing to do is ignore it


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