How do I meet someone new?

I've been single for a year now, and for the most part it hasn't bothered me, in fact, I've enjoyed having the time to myself after a long relationship!

However, I'm beginning to think that some time I might like to have a relationship with someone new. Not a "I want a boyfriend now!" type thing, just that it might be quite nice..

But the trouble is, how do I meet people?

I go to work 5 days a week, and I already know everyone there - mostly the males are either about 20 years older than me, or about 16.. There's few my age (23) and they're great, but they're friends and nothing more (and I wouldn't want more with them!)

On my days off I stay home to study, since I'm doing a degree at the same time. And three - four evenings a week I'm busy teaching a gym class and running a youth group.

How am I going to meet anyone?


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  • I don't think you can, you're so busy. Maybe consider online dating?

    • I considered that.. Maybe I'll wait til I'm a little more desperate for that one xD

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  • You're so busy right now that you don't have time to have someone in your life it sounds. Either free up your schedule by giving something up so that you can go out to a club or two. Or wait till college is over and you don't have to study anymore.

    • I thought that.. But I'm doing uni from home, so I don't finish for another three years!

  • You might make a profile talking about yourself. Tell others that you are open to dating and they might know you are compatible with them.


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