How to go about picking a suit for my boyfriend?

My boyfriend is graduating this winter and his brother and I want to get him a combined gift. We want a suit but don't know how to get measurements without him knowing about it. Also we don't know which measurements we need, because neither of us have bought a suit before. Information of any kind would be great!


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  • If its his first suit get charcoal, for one thing.

    You can't buy a suit without knowing a massive number of measurements. Even when you buy a suit in your size, you still get it adjusted. There is no way you will be able to buy a suit and had it ready for him to wear. Some parts on a suit aren't even finished when you buy it - they are left till you purchase it.

    Could you buy a suit, keep the receipt and then have him go, get the right size and have the alterations done? Probably.

    For reference, sizing is theoretically off chest size, though the size I wear doesn't match my chest size. It ends up being driven heavily off your shoulders. If you're quite tall or short you need a 'long' or 'short'. So I wear a 42L. But I need waist slimmed sides slimmed sleeves adjusted pants hemmed - assuming its a suit that is a good fit.


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  • your talking taylor made, and this will cost you, just get his waist size and inner leg, the rest of the suit should be fine, but to get a taylor made suit, its expensive and the measurments are his shoulders, his reach, his neck to tail, his chest, waist inside leg outside leg.

  • well you can go to a K&G, Men's Warehouse, or department type of store with a guy of roughly the same build (shoulder, arm, and leg length) and a person can get their measurements. Either that or you go in his closet and get a shirt that fits him well and a pair of jeans or slacks for the leg and waist size then check the measurements on it.

    Any store should be able to provide you measurements as long as you provide a sample body or get his measurements from clothes he already has... Or you take the dude out and tell him you're buying a suit for a person close to his measurements and was wondering if you could get him to be model


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