Boyfriend going on a lads holiday on my 18th birthday

Pretty much the title...

My boyfriend is going to Zante with his mates on the week of my 18th birthday.

How can I fully trust him? Especially when his friends want us to break up and I know that he would be drinking a LOT.


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  • First of all, stop thinking that there's going to be a bunch of women there who are dying to get their hands on your boyfriend, because they're not. A solid 90% of them will have zero interest, another 8% will be interested in getting him to buy them drinks, and the remaining 2% would be willing to go home with him, but have other "prospects" who are already trying to get into their pants, whereas your boyfriend is just hanging out drinking with his buddies and trying not to f*** up his relationship.

    Alternatively, you can sit there and worry about it the whole time. Whichever suits you best.


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  • Talk to him about it directly. He'll promise not to do anything to hurt you and all you can really do at that point is to trust him. If you truly do trust him then you won't worry about it and if he is a truly faithful guy to you then he won't do anything. Anything other than that and you'll have some major kinks to work out in the relationship.

  • By trusting him. You making a deal out of it is only going to push him further away.

  • I would wonder more about why he isn't staying home with you on your birthday...some boyfriend you have there

    • I'm just saying if I had a girlfriend and she went out of town on my birthday, I would dump her the minute I could...why would she want to do such a thing?

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  • To be honest, I wouldn't feel too sure about it. You can ask him, but hey, what girl has to ask her boyfriend to stay faithful? He should do that because he loves you.

    How long are you two together? Can't you try to get along with his friends? I can imagine that would take a lot of stress off.

    • One of his friends is an ex of mine and they all disapprove of me

    • Do they even know you? If you don't feel good about that, talk to your boyfriend about his friends, how you want them to like you so maybe you could hang out with them. Did he ever give you a reason not to trust him?

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