Having a lot of trouble getting over ex bf! need both guys and girls opinion

my ex and I went out for 2 years and we broke up a year ago. he was my first love, my hs sweetheart everything. and even tho we broke up a year ago, he is still always on my mind. I don't know if that's because he get a new girlfriend right after we broke up or if it's because I'm really not over him. I know he did me wrong but for some reason I still love him and sometimes I can't help but think he really is the one for me. maybe I'm being naive in thinking that but why else would I still think about him so much even after a year of not seeing each other? I am trying my best to move on, I blocked him on fb and twitter and IG and I don't stalk him on any social network but he still pops up in my mind and I don't know why. is this normal to feel like this? any advice ? also his mother still contacts me and tells me she loves me and misses me and it makes me wonder, if maybe in reality his new girlfriend just doesn't compare to me and maybe he might still care/love me because his mother sure does and I don't know how he feels about the fact that him mom still talks to me regularly. I don't know what to think anymore so any and all advice would help! thank you


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  • all I know is that people well always regret desisions wether they are good or bad so that is normal. all you need to do is find something to cheer you up and lessen his spot in your heart. I'm not so sure on the being friend with his mom but that can go either way so just go with the flow. good luck.


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