Does my ex boyfriend still love me?

Its a complicated story so ill sum it up, we dated for 3 1/2 years and lived together for 2 1/2 years we are both 24 turning 25 this year.He broke up with me 3 months ago and immediately started dating a new girl who is 39 and just finalized her divorce. He broke up w me because he said he felt we didn't appreciate the time enough when we had it together instead we would argue once in a while about him wanting to have his friends over every day. We still talk at least once or twice a week through text and I see him like 2-3 times a month to get my mail and just to sit and talk and catch up. His new girlfriend (yes the 39 year old) told him she doesn't want us to be friends or talk Because she feels he is going to leave her for me but yet he texts me first all the time I never text him first. He told me a few days ago that is still isn't over us and that's why he still talks to me but he is falling in love w his new girlfriend. He told me he knows he is never going to find someone who treats him better than me Because I did everything for him and that I couldn't have done anything more for him. He also told me his heart is just as broken as mine because he did plan on marrying me and being w me forever but when he thought about it it wasn't me but he still thinks of all our good times all the time and looks at pics of us and doesn't know what to say to me. every time we get together it turns into how much we miss each other but we sit on opposite couches and just talk we never do anything. We have said goodbye to each other about 10 times always saying its for the best but then in a few days he always texts me asking how I am and if I want to come over to get my mail (its always stupid flyers everything else I changed my address). I guess what I don't get is if his new girlfriend is so about us not talking or being friends why is he willing to still talk to me? and does he still have feelings for me at all?


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  • probably still has feelings. you only broke up a few months ago after being together for a long time so it makes sense that you two may still have feelings for each other... It doesn't mean he is going to act on those feelings but generally we don't lose feelings we had for several years within a few months


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