She annoys me lately

so basically first of all I love my best friend she's awesome, nice, loyal etc

but lately I've been so annoyed with her, I've realized how much she takes me for granted, like I am always there for her and I always prioratize her and I've realized she doesn't do it for me, like its the small things, like she never likes my prof pic but I always comment and like hers , I know its lame its fcb but its something, and also when it comes to gifts etc, I always buy her gifts and make sure she has a great day but she never cares to buy me any gifts, she hasn't given me a Christmas presant yet and we even decided the amount etc,

the most annoying thing is that she has a boyfriend now so she's all lovey dovey and she's always meeting him and doesn't talk to me as much, and when I'm with her she just goes on talking about him etc and its so annoying, mostly cause I'm going trough a heart break and she's just not caring..


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  • You need to start distancing yourself from her right now.

    She's just always irking you, and it just creates unnecessary headaches.

    If you start distancing yourself from her, it'll be sure she'll realize how important you are as her friend, and will start to try work things out.


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