Is he my soul mate after seven years?

My ex and I dated for four years, its been three since the breakup and we sleep with each other but he's had teo girlfriends and when something goes wrong he comes to me. Well recently he got a new girl and new number its been about five months, we Haven't talked in three and he never gave me his number so she wouldn't find out but I got a new number and had him blocked on fb, I unblock him and he texted me saying I just want to know how your doing and I said not good and he says wrong number note: he had to be on my fb to get my number and checking to see when I unblocked him. So I email him becaise I didn't want him to feel I would abuse having his numberand I ask him how he is and he won't say aanything, well we stop then two days later unannounced he shows up at my house and we didn't kiss or anything but he layed on me and we cuddled. He showed up before without telling me. But its just we love each other and I'm not sure what this means, we don't hookup all the time he just wanted to be in my presents so don't say he's using me cause I know when he is. I just don't understand. This has been going on for a total of seven years. What do I do? Try yo get him back? I feel he's my soul mate.


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  • you know that movie with kate winslet "the holiday"? your kate winslet.


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