Why do I feel like everyone hates me?

Over a year ago I began my Master's degree in Fine Arts at a very prestigious US institution. I am 27 and currently live in the South.

I am a very shy person so since the beginning of school I'd spend most nights at home while others went out. I'd go out sometimes, but I like spending time with myself and with my girlfriend.

Additionally, I put a very big priority on school and sometimes I'd rather work on a Friday night then go out for a beer.

Basically, I am not really close with anyone because of this. I make small talk in class and sometimes grab lunch with people -- but I wouldn't say I am really good friends with anyone.

I've gotten along with everyone and have only had an issue with one student. Him and I got into a verbal argument, but nothing out of hand.

All in all I keep to myself, am kind to my classmates and respectful.

However, I've been beginning to notice that no one likes me.

No one waves to say hi when I say hi back.

Most people give me dirty looks or avoid eye contact with me.

One student even goes out of his way to insult me whenever he can.

I can't tell if I am being sensitive.

But I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Am I being crazy?



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  • You sound like an introverted person - nothing wrong with that! Guess your options are:

    - You're imagining it, or;

    - You've done or said something that accidentally caused offence, without knowing/intending it, or;

    - There's a misperception floating around about you (could the guy you had a disagreement with have said something untrue about you?)

    Is there anyone you'd feel comfortable asking - "hey, have I done anything to offend you or make you not like me?" It would help you get to the bottom of it, though I know it would be hard to ask. Good luck! And if you can't work out the problem don't let it get to you. You're in proximity with the other students from necessity not choice - and it's not forever. As long as you're being polite and respectful, and you're not seeking to make new friends, who cares if they don't like you! You can't please all of the people all of the time...


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