Trouble with my feelings for my ex

i was driving to night cos I was bored and I when exploring rying to find short cuts around my home town anyway I went down the street my ex used to live at when we went out I heard she moved away so I went past when I drove past there she was with her new boyfriend since it was a cul de sac (a road that you have to turn around at the end) when I saw her my heart sunk and a massive pain came into my chest and as I went past again I put my foot on the accelerator and went as fast a I could to get away

i thought I was over her and I had only seen her once since the start of the year

can any one please help me


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  • I think this might just be temporary. It can be hard to see your ex with a new partner. Happened to me a couple of months ago and I felt like you. I was thinking I was doing relatively OK but when I saw them a storm took place inside of me and I felt down for a bit. But now that's all gone. Hopefully it will be like that for you as well.

    • i hope so I was in love with for 4 years before I asked her out

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    • Oh, I thought you thought you were over her! These things can take some time. It took me way too long to get over my ex but some people just take longer. It will get better though.

    • ive been crying cos no one in the town I live in no one will go out with me

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  • Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. Life just can be so painful at times. It will get easier you will find someone new and your old girlfriend will be just a memory.

    • i can't find anyone in the town I'm in tho

  • Keep reminding yourself the reason that you broke up with her and how the relationship didn't work out in the first place. Time will heal but you have to be very patient.

  • You can go 5 years without seeing an old flame, and when you see them all sorts of emotions and feelings start rushing back. The heart heals but it does not forget. It can be even more painful if they're with someone else. It's normal, and it'll lessen with time, just like it did last time.


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