Boyfriend & no Valentine's gift

he didn't get me anything at all. I really don't mean to sound like a brat but I made him brownies, got him clothes, made him a heart pic frame & all he did was buy me two tacos. not a card a flower nothing! what's his deal?


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  • Why did you do all that stuff for him?

    As a quid pro quo?

    If you had known in advance that he would get you nothing, would you still have made those gifts for him?

    If your answer is no, then you really need to have a long think about why you got those gifts for him. If it was just in the expectation of receiving gifts yourself, then love had nothing to do with this.

    And Valentine's is supposed to be about love.

    • yea I would have done it anyway I'm not a jerk! I do it out of love

    • Well if you would have done it anyway, what the hell is the problem?

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  • Communication may have made a difference. Had you told him beforehand, that you were going to do nice things for him on Valentine's Day, maybe he would have asked you to save your money. I've done it with girls. If she and I want to celebrate our relationship, then we'll select which day or days to have our own special "Valentine's Day" on, instead of having others decide it for us.

    • yeah I told him I was doing things for him. & he even made it seem like he was going to do something for me...but nope. nothing

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    • he got paid the day before Valentine's -_-

    • You do as you will, but if he wasn't honest then f*** him. Don't waste your time with him, is my advice.

  • ¤-He just forgot it.

    ¤-He's not aware it's important to you.

    ¤-He's against that artificial happening organized by candy sellers.

    ¤-He's a bit less in love than you think.


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  • Whenever you're doing something for someone else you should be doing it with absolutely no expectation that it will be reciprocated.

    People can't read your mind!

  • Was this your first Valentine together? Maybe he (like many other people) doesn't care much for Valentine's day. Perhaps you should have made it clear beforehand that it's sort of a big deal to you. Nowadays it's really hard to know where you stand with Valentine's day because some people take it very seriously, and others hate it and ignore it even exists. Perhaps he wasn't expecting presents and hence didn't get any for you.

    • heres the sick part. he made it seem like he was going to do something special. he even asked me what type of flowers I like. & this was our first valentines. & he knows I like this stuff! I love holidays! what's even more f***ed up is that he said a few days before that he was gonna get me flowers the day after cause they would be cheaper...-_- I said that's not how it goes to him. & I even told him I was getting him stuff. I made brownies, a heart frame thing with beads I handmade,& a pic of us!

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    • honestly no I do not think so. he always manages to buy weed though... -_-

    • I laughed but yes, that's pretty bad!

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