Fellow Atheists: What do you say when a believer says "so you think all this just happened for no reason?"

Fellow Atheists: What do you say when a believer says "so you think all this just happened for no reason?"


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  • It's the human arrogance - religious people think that the whole Universe revolves only around them, although the truth is that the Earth is just one among billions of planets around here.. they may say "the origin of life must be with a reason" - but what's the reason of other natural events like rain, lightning strikes, planets orbiting around their stars and so on?

    The origin of life on Earth was just a simple chemical reaction, which in a result produced organic matter from non-organic matter - it can happen under specific, certain conditions which were matching back then - it was just merely a natural event just like any other ones, the Universe is full of marvels we don't even know

    And it all happens by itself - there is not a person (f.e. god) who does all those things and we already have figured out something, back in the ancient times people were thinking that thunder and rain happened because there was a man-like divinity living in the skies above clouds, who took a huge bowel of water and poured it down 'creating rain' or minting stuff in his celestial forge, thus 'creating thunder' - today we have found out those are merely natural events who happen all by themselves and who are not created, so was the origin of life, so was the origin of the whole Universe and everything else

    • However, Sir, that answer is presumptuous and inadequate. Origin of life researchers have yet to provide a viable mechanism for the formation of first life that match Earth’s early conditions. Earth’s early atmosphere could not have supported the chemistry needed to form prebiotic compounds. And lack of a prebiotic soup and the actual conditions of the early earth confound the RNA world hypothesis.

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    • @iryk

      Strategic redundancy reflects intelligent design.

      - Engineers frequently design systems with redundancy, particularly for those components that play a critical role in the operation of the system.

      - When engineers duplicate parts into their designs, the redundant components form a responsive backup circuit.

      - E.g., Many duplicated genes in genomes operate as a responsive backup circuit, reflecting the work of a Creator.

      - E.g. The genetic code has redundancy to protect against mutations.

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