A question about my boyfriend.....

My boyfriend and I were just talking and I mentioned jokingly that if nothing had happened between us in seven years, I'd probably move on. We had previously been having a very light conversation.

He immediately got quiet and then said, "Well, in 7 years, it'll be 2020, and I'll almost be done with law school. You can probably expect us to no longer be dating in four years. Either you'll be my fiance or we'll be broken up."

Then he started describing what he thought he wanted his wedding and future home to be like.

I just sat there and blinked at him. He got all serious on me so suddenly.

And I've never spent more than 5 minutes thinking about my wedding. The farthest I got in that department was deciding that yes, I would wear a white dress, and I would marry a guy lol.

We've been together for a year and a half so it's not like we're a new couple or anything, but I was surprised he talked about this so seriously. It was like he has put a lot of thought into this.

So, guys, a series of questions:

- Is this normal behavior for guys?

- How soon into a relationship do you begin to think about "tying the knot" if ever?

- Do you plan your weddings?

- Do you automatically go into relationships looking for a wife or no?


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  • Yes, you basically just freaked him out. lol

    • Nah. He always brings up marriage. Just never in this much detail. If any of us is getting freaked out, it's me.

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  • This all depends on how the guy was raised. If he comes from a religious conservative family, yes all your questions would be answered with a yes.

    Could this be the case with your guy?

    • That would be the case with him, yes. But he's a senior in high school. I wasn't aware, no matter how they were raised, that a guy would start thinking about that stuff at that age.

    • Yes. If a guy has been raised conservatively, he will be thinking seriously like that, because that's how he was taught to think. It's not a bad thing. It sounds like you have the same plans, but just haven't thought them as detailed as him. I would ignore the whole thing and keep dating him. When you are ready to be more serious, he will be happy to agree with you.

  • I'm kind of wondering why you gave him an ultimatum...that would freak me out, if you did that to me

    • I didn't. We were talking about the movie, He's Just Not That Into You, and one of the characters had been dating her boyfriend for seven years and then dumped him 'cause he hadn't proposed and said he didn't believe in marriage. I said, "I totally accept her decision." And then he started telling me this. No ultimatum was given.

    • In your first paragraph you said "if nothing happens, in 7 years, I'm leaving you". That's an ultimatum

    • I said it jokingly. And seven years is a really long time. My exact phrase was, "I totally accept her decision. I feel like, after seven years, if nothing happened, nothing would, so I'd probably leave." Happy?

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  • He was telling you that you don't need to worry about that 7 year issue.

    You might have been joking, but he took you serious, or thought you were kidding on the square


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