The ends of wood when you cut them

I have no idea how to put this in an understandable form, but I'm trying :)

So, I'm making a wood order from abroad in English, and I have a small problem.

When you cut planks of wood, the ends which are cut are not smooth, but there are kind of like small wood toothpick- like thingies sticking out.. So my question is, what is it called in English?

How do I put it in the letter that I want the ends to be "smooth and pick-free"?


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  • "Splinters"?

    • Ahh yeah of course! Thank you :)

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  • I don't know what type of saw you're using but I bet the blade is too coarse. Use something with a finer blade and you'll get a smoother cut.

  • The other answers are good. You could also of course cut and sand it yourself. In that case you want to order the pieces a tad longer than you actually need though.

  • "Please sand the edges of the wood down and remove the splinters"

    You need to sand the wood where it's cut to remove the splinters and make it smoother.


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