How do you define wealthy? how about upper middle class? What is the minimum income for upper middle class?

where I'm from, we define wealthy as getting a sweet car worth at least 40k at your 18th birthday and getting a new car every 2 years. you can go to the super bowl every year, go abroad whenever you feel like it. I feel like 150,000 salary is the minimum for upper middle class.

how do you define wealthy?


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  • I think it's more about lifestyle and the quality of neighborhood you live in. That depends a LOT on the cost of living where you live. Housing costs are the biggest single cost. In the US they can vary by probably 10:1 from one part of the country to another.

    A big determining factor is living in the suburbs (or the equivalent living in the country or city). In a nice suburb I would call lower end house = lower middle class, mid range house = mid middle class, and upper end house = upper middle class. When I say upper end house I don't mean extreme upper end, but maybe in the top 10%.

    In the US with an average cost of living, a single person making 25-30K should be able to buy a lower end house in a nice suburb if they are good at saving. A single person making 50K should very easily be able to buy a medium house in a nice suburb. A person making 75-100K should be able to buy an upper end house, depending on how well they save and invest.

    If they save and invest, 200K starts getting into lower upper class for a single person. If someone under 30 makes that much, then something is wrong if they are not a multi-millionaire by the time they are 50.

    I would call someone worth 1M middle class or upper middle class depending on how old they are. Lower upper class is more like 5M net worth. Wealthy is more like 100M+ net worth.

    • holy sh*t so by your standards george w bush and rmoney aren't wealthy haha

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    • I'm not trying to argue, but just to clarify. Most of the answers mentioned income, not net worth over time. I mentioned both. For example you said min of 150K for upper middle class. I said 75-100K which is quite a bit lower than what you said. I don't know if you meant for a single person, but someone making 75-100K can very easily become a millionaire. I said 1M is middle or upper middle class. Your figure of 150K minimum for upper middle could easily get someone into the 5M net worth.

    • Keep in mind I'm talking about a single person living in an area with average cost of living. I'm not talking about someone 25 years old. I'm talking about someone making a decent income and saving and investing over years or decades. Out in the suburbs, there are a significant percentage of people at or near retirement ago who have a net worth of over a million. I'm not talking about high end suburbs, I'm talking about older neighborhoods.

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  • I know families who make close to $200,000 and are struggling, I have a family friend who pay $47,000 in home taxes and lives next to the governor of his state yet struggling to pay bills and making ends meet. Middle class I would define as $100,000 for 2 incomes put together. I say upper mid class is $200

    • sounds about right. how about middle class? like where's the cut off line between low and middle class?

    • I think low is $50,000 and under and middle begins between $50-100K per year. This is just my opinion lol

  • In my opinion, this is how it goes(get ready for the thumbs down):

    Lower Class: Less than $100,000 on at least 2 combined incomes

    Middle Class: $100,000-$999,999

    -$100,000 being lower middle class

    -$500,000+ being upper middle class

    Upper Class: $1,000,000+ income, whether combined or by one alone

    Wealth is old money or upper class folks, depending on their assets and investments. Rich is new money(noveau riche).

    Upper class is wealth that is hard earned. Rich is Bill Gates. Wealth is the Kennedy, Hearst or Vanderbilt families.

    Upper class would be average people who worked hard for their incomes.

    Also, being upper middle class entails your lifestyle and assets. Having enough money to provide above average food, clothing and shelter as well as LUXURY items, such as nice cars, vacations or whatever leisurely activity one enjoys.

    • no I actually agree. at my school most kids are from like 150,000 to 200,000 families and think they're so wealthy. but I also have a billionaire friend who's clearly upper class, and there's a huge gap between the real wealthy and the average 200,000 income familiies.

      just wondering, are you in a frat? or are you just from the south? I hear old money talk all the time at tfm

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    • "Upper class is wealth that is hard earned. " ... " Wealth is the Kennedy,"

    • I also distinguished old money from new money. The Kennedy's are old money, regardless of how Joseph earned his wealth

  • Ok then we loaded.


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  • Wealthy for me is limited to people to whom money is no object, or at the very least: means little to them.

    The pay packet you mentioned of 150,000 post-tax would class someone as well off in my opinion. Wealthy would be closer to 250,000.

  • There is a general representation of classes in the USA.: link I agree with it. That places minimum wage workers and people struggling to get by in the lower class. People that landed an unskilled job for like $10-$15 an hour in the working class or upper lower class. Then middle class are the average jobs for people with a bachelors around $30K-$50K a year. Upper middle class is around $70K-$100K or so which are generally high skilled workers like engineers, software developers, nurses, doctors, college professors, etc. and shades or upper class start at $200K+ a year. Those are all individual salaries.

  • Wealthiness is relative - depends on location, age, etc.

    Class isn't related to wealth - rich trash is still trash. For example, Wayne Rooney is extremely wealthy, but he's still a lower class chav. On the other hand, many members of the aristocracy have been bankrupted by the cost of maintaining stately homes and large estates, etc, as well as inheritance tax, divorce costs, bad investments and such like.

    I grew up in one of the wealthiest areas of the UK - getting an expensive car for your 17th birthday wouldn't impress anyone, but it would mark you out as a spoiled poser, and you'd probably get bullied for it - consequently everyone drove crappy cars.

  • Wealthy (Adjective):

    1. Being loved

  • Well, if we are asking Obama about his slippery definition of "wealth", that would be anything over $250,000. Also, Obama’s definition of “wealthy” under his tax plan is significantly lower than most Americans would consider “wealthy.” A two-earner couple making about $125,000 per year each clearly is doing well, but they may not live the lifestyle associated with “the rich”, particularly if they live in an area with a high cost-of-living. Then add kids into the mix and you are in no way "wealthy". Being wealthy enough to pay higher taxes under the Obama plan does not mean the Obamas were not struggling for years to pay off their student loans. It's just that he doesn't want anyone being wealthy because with wealth comes power. He feels that we should all share, and no one's hard work in either education or trade should come with a large-salary reward. It's perfectly fine for him to have a fat $250k salary per year, but not us.

  • You have it about right except that many stupid Americans that make 80 or 100k a year get new cars way to often to impress people.

    • My parents bought me my car because I wanted it...and there's nothing wrong with being about to purchase a new car

    • Sensitive much? If people put themselves in stressful debt to "keep up with the Jones's" then they are stupid. If your parents can afford buying you a new car then I was clearly not referring to you.

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