Why don't people express their feelings?

I know plenty of women that just irritate me that they cannot share their feelings or express their emotions verbally. But their action prove differently through mood swings and getting upset over nothing but yet don't give a clue until its too late...

But GUYs WTF is wrong with you?

Do you know how easy it is for me to swoop in and sweep a woman off her feet? just by sharing what I am feeling at the time!

I'm not saying steel them away from you, They already leavt your insensitive ass... but when I come along these women think I'm some amazing guy that makes them feel so wanted and needed and desired. I'm not that special! All's I do is open up communicate and share what's on my mind and how things affect me and or situation.

That's it ! that's the big secret to the woman's heart!

Ask any woman what attracts most of them. They would say a confident strong yet sensitive man not afraid to express how they feel and communicate , (COMMUNICATE) !

so why don't you ?

and or share your frustration?


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  • What I said to a similar question here applies: link

    "You stole the words right out of my mouth! Seriously. I play fair in the dating world only to get stepped on by those who care less and thus have "more power." I want to project that I have more power somehow without being cold, so that the abusive/jerk types don't keep going after me.

    Guys with guilt-trip/manipulation issues will often take advantage of my kindness and try to get me to date them when I have no interest and say so. Why is it so hard to find a like-minded individual with egalitarian, honest, open values and lack of prejudice (not just race, but other issues)?"

    So, I am open with my feelings regardless, but it leaves me vulnerable to get lied to and get hurt. :(


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  • Well for me personally I do have a harder time opening my heart up in that aspect. I'm not emotionless but I feel really vulnerable when I do open up to someone. I don't want to feel foolish if they don't feel the same way as I feel about them. There is only one person, my best friend who I've really opened up to. Especially when I was dealing with some depression after moving a city away and being alone. Other than that I'm pretty closed off. Now that shouldn't be mistaken for someone who is closed off to other people! I connect very easily to others and am often the source for advice or just someone to vent to :) If I trust someone enough I will let them in completely.

  • You sound perfect! Which more guys would listen to you :)

    • That is an amazing compliment thankyou very much! I seriously should teach a class. But most don't think it's important until their new ex finds a guy that knows what works. Sad huh ? lol

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    • Thanx again sweets, well if you know any guys that need help there send em my way I'll straighten them out for ya. :),

    • Will do :)

  • People don't trust each other, and there are a lot of people that can't be trusted. Some feel they'd be judged for their feelings or expressing those feelings, some are afraid of being labeled clingy or needy, or overly emotional. We're taught that wearing our hearts on our sleeves is stupid and naive. Some are even made to feel silly for expressing emotions (a boyfriend did that to me once).

    • Hey Sparr, You do see the trend with people on here both genders all confused over mis communication and sharing feeling would solve 95% of these questions and concerns about their signif. ? Fear is killing relationships. paths cross for a moment and not expressing ourselves we could lose out.. let's wake people up here.. they need us ! lol

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    • Hahahaha!

    • @... saying "I love you" is more taboo than inviting a third for a three way_So true. Even id prefer suggesting a 3way to talking about how I feel--and I'm not even having sex yet ;p

      its never been socially acceptable for women to say I love u. bac when guys were supposed to be romantic. women to accept it but not give it all away themselves--u know remain mysterious.. now everyone is trying to be mysterious--or just plain uncomfortable with their feelings. I don't think its 'worse' just _bad_.

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  • i shall tell you why "standup"...

    very simply because I don't feel the need to have emotional talks. I do say how I'm feeling but it tends to be along the lines of "im hungry" or "its a bit chilly out isn't it?"

    does that mean I'm wrong? quite the opposite I beleive its healthy for a guy to be able to keep his emotion in check.

    i mean you sound very lucky or maybe its the way that you put it across I don't know but after trying to communicate my feelings I end up with a lot of female friends NOT GIRL FRIENDS. which is fair enough and alright, makes the banter hilarious but I'm missing the point

    guys arnt as verbal, USUALLY (for any prick who wants to say NOT ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME even though the vast majority are in this case)

    now I'm not going to give you the whole phsycology of women to explain to you why men who blub on about feeling sensitive don't get the girl I'm simply going to put the general truth of things.

    If you know the person, then you shouldn't HAVE to tell them how your feeling because it should be obvious, and that's how guys work, with everyone, I mean seriously for anyone ELSE (question asker I know you'll just give me a long line of "yeh I have loads of times")

    When was the last time you sat with a guy mate and discussed feelings? I've never done it, because I'm an ignorant gorilla?

    well question asker probably thinks so but no that isn't the case its because I'm a MAN

    and men don't feel the need to sit down, hold hands and discuss why they feel vulnerable. MEN feel the need to stand up and get on with life.

    and its because of THAT which is why most girls don't go for the emotional type, because that's what women do, I feel this I feel that I feel like eating chocolate but he won't tell me how he feels despite the fact that he's smiling and laughing I can't work out that he IS happy with me or not.

    ffs standup, men don't talk about feelings because we don't feel the NEED. I'm sorry if you do, that must be some affliction to live with

    • Believe me sir. This no affliction what so ever having a woman melt in my arms. I prefer a soft hearted woman not some hard ass unattached girl trying to act tough and manly. So with that said people attract what they desire.My point is that many men with your mind set are making it easier for women to seek out someone that isn't afraid!I don't need to prove my manhood with chest pounding. I'm all man,they already knew that but my open heart melts theirs. Just read the breakup posts from girls.

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    • fair enough, I completely understand where your at. I was the same way. But with age something started happening to where I wanted more. I've been with many cold hearted women that just got old I wanted a sweet precious lover. Today I found her by going through the process of elimination. Met many women to where I melted their hearts just by my true felt words. Words and feelings that ALL humans have once the barrier is broken down. F-ck and get F-cked, LOVE and get LOVED! get what ya give :/,

    • well I get friend zoned when I open up so I suppose its an age thing with us young adults lol

  • I smell bullsh*t. Women hate emotional men all they want are guys who are fun, connecting your feelings is what friends do.

    • Lol yah, I bet you my soul that the advice above is not gonna get you laid lmao.

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    • That smell your smelling is your own fear. Believe me dude I need mindsets like yours to melt those hearts. So thankyou. But keep in mind while your pounding your chest about how manly you are. I'm making love to her (woman that was expecting more from her past partners). Nothing is weak sharing emotion. And don't confuse that as being "emotional" at least in the aspect as your suggesting. There's nothing weak about me I guarantee you that. Or they can lol. Good luck tho !

    • Flashy words gets women too. It's still all a big game.

  • Since when they express their feelings with some people out there,they open themselves to criticism and let me tell you most of them aren't that constructive at all...so we should not stop sharing feelings but we should share them with people who are worthy enough to understand it seriously and help you out

  • The crime rate would go up.

    Women will kill their boyfriends.

    Boyfriends will kill every guy who looks at their girlfriends ass.

    Rape rape rape.

    The nonexistence of shy guys.

    Everyone will be overly confident.

    Job opportunities will be highly competitive and very physical.

    Less emotion, more physical.

    F*** f*** f***.

    To sum it up: Everyone will kill each other. Oh noes~

    • +No one would use GAG anymore. Moderators will be unhappy.

    • Hold in your next hit dude! You're not high enough yet ! Lol

  • all girls SAY that they want a guy to tell them how he feels at that moment. and that may be true... after the relationship is already built. but in the beginning if you show too much interest you WILL lose and I promise you that. I learned the hard way.

    im a really expressive person with great communication skills and sometimes I just have to hold myself back and not slip up and open my mouth.

    • Your promise about WILL losing isn't exactly true in my case. I do open up and share what's going on with me or them considering where the conversation is directed. In most cases I melt their hearts (not a game) just being myself with those true concerns. I always hear how refreshing it is to hear the words I say. Meaning they haven't experienced guys express themselves. it's not weak if they don't accept that then their not right for me to begin with. Nothing to protect or fear.

    • yeah but not all the time

    • Not all the time is correct. But I do not want a hard-ass woman so process of elimination. But a softy can break down barriers also. My whole point of this question. Is women leave guys that cannot be true to themselves. Everyone girls and guys must stop playing games. It's ridiculous how many women are waiting to hear a man open up to her. And support her be her ROCK and strong enough to not be afraid to sympathize or show your heart !

  • because you are seen as desperate. This is society is f***ed up, love and relationships are full of game playing, superficiality and often lies.

  • That's what I want with a woman, but so far the ones I talk to don't seem to want to communicate back, they just like playing stupid games.

    • I hear about that a lot. It's sad because we can be so much more civilized than that. Hopefully it's just a matter of immaturity/what they were taught growing up.

    • Yeah I hear ya. Many women are just as closed off. But what I have learned is by always keeping true to myself and just understanding that what a woman is desiring. It's worth the process of elimination. Those amazing women are out there. Just as well as us for them.

      No games true intentions and no fear will win in the end. It is so true by following that method you'll not close yourself off the many paths that cross daily ! Keep your eyes and heart open. It almost too easy !

  • Wow you try a bit too hard. Reality is that guys by nature (generally) are not verbal. Women (generally) are more attracted to less verbal and less sensitive guys.

    • Rigghhhht lmao, well I'll be making love to one of these amazingly anxiously deprived women tonight, while you're playing a video game... trying to hard? there's nothing to try dude. I just do...

      yeah you know what? please keep doing what you do, I and many guys benefit from other peoples ignorance... so maybe I should be thank you instead...

    • Believe what you want as I knew you would insult me. White knights tend do lash out when confronted with facts. I could tell you about how my life really is but that is not the point. Life is good and you believe what you want to believe.

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